Serve Home Fries With Toothpicks For A Dippable Party Appetizer

Home fries — cubed potatoes fried to be golden brown and crispy — are more than just the perfect side dish to your morning eggs. Another great opportunity to use home fries is as a dinner party appetizer — after all, potatoes are easily one of the most beloved foods out there, especially when they're fried and bitesize. Not only will they be a hit with the crowd, but they're super easy to prepare. If you want to make them from scratch, a simple home fries recipe takes around 20 total minutes to whip up. Or, to make prep even simpler in order to focus most of your attention on the main course, you can also use your favorite store-bought home fries.

To make them fit for the appetizer tray, we recommend serving the home fries with toothpicks so that guests can grab just one or two at a time without needing a plate to rest them on. Plus, serving home fries on toothpicks ensures that they're easy to dip, which, with the right sauce, will make the appetizer stand out even more.

So which sauces should you offer with your home fries appetizer?

Sauce ideas to go with home fries

Of course, if you're looking for a dipping sauce for potatoes — especially when fry is in the name — then it's hard to ignore the impulse to include ketchup, which may not be the most unique but it is a staple for a reason. But you can make it a bit more memorable by going with a homemade ketchup recipe rather than a store-bought version. Another popular sauce that people love to dip their fries in is ranch — Tasting Table has an easy flavor-packed recipe for buttermilk ranch dressing that you can opt for.

You can also take inspiration from popular fast food dips, such as making your own version of In-N-Out's secret sauce. An imitation of the In-N-Out sauce is actually quite simple and requires mixing up just a few ingredients: mayo, ketchup, sweet pickle relish, sugar, and white vinegar. Additionally, there are countless aioli recipes to choose from, all of which make for the perfect supplement to home fries — you could go with pungent and moreish garlic aioli. Or, for something a bit spicier, try an easy chipotle aioli by mixing up mayo, lime juice, chopped chipotle peppers or paste, garlic and salt. Or, if you want to go the cheesy route, you could include a queso dip, perhaps one made with multiple cheeses — this is guaranteed to please your cheese-loving friends.

It's a good idea to have a few options, perhaps offering three of the above. And with the home fries ready to dip on their toothpicks, your guests will be able to easily try all the options.