The Ultimate Wine Pairing To Complement Cast Iron Fig Cornbread

Tasting Table's recipe for cast iron fig cornbread is a unique spin on a classic dish — it's the cornbread you know and love but with a few upgrades, including fresh figs as a topping and a lemon-honey glaze to bring it all together. A recipe this memorable and delicious deserves to be the star of the show, not just a side dish — which means it deserves its own wine pairing.

To determine the ultimate wine pairing to complement cast iron fig cornbread, Tasting Table spoke with an expert: Catherine Fallis, a master sommelier at the wine subscription service Bright Cellars. Firstly, Fallis agrees that the cornbread shouldn't be subjected to side-dish status; she said, "With a sweet batter, fresh figs, and a lemon-honey glaze, this would make a nice brunch dish."

So, it's settled that the cornbread belongs at brunch, but what kind of wine should go with it? Fallis said, "What better way to celebrate a relaxed day than with a sparkling wine?"

Which sparkling wines Fallis thinks are best for cast iron fig cornbread

There are countless types of sparkling wine out there, so how do you narrow down your choice when looking for the best ones to pair with cast iron fig cornbread? Fallis' first recommendation is one she describes as "off the beaten path": Bright Cellars' Stigma Private Reserve Aromica Blanc de Blancs. This sparkling wine from Columbia Valley, Washington has notes of peach, yellow apple, pear, toast, and marmalade; considering that marmalade and toast are also present at many morning meals, it makes sense that Fallis chose this as a pick to complement a brunch dish.

Fallis also recommended a non-alcoholic version for those who don't drink alcohol but want to enjoy a decadent beverage with their slice of fig cornbread. Bright Cellars' Oddbird Blanc de Blancs, which comes from Languedoc Roussillon AOC, France, also includes toast in its flavor profile, making it the perfect second option for your cornbread brunch. Its other flavor notes include melon, green apple, and almond to round out its overall bright taste.