Starbucks' Orange Drink Is Actually Full Of Peach Flavor

If you're looking for a new secret menu item at Starbucks, perhaps one that is super sweet and ultra fruity, look no further than the Orange Drink. Despite the name, the Orange Drink doesn't actually have any orange flavor in it — rather, the name refers to the pretty and bright look of the drink. Meanwhile, the flavor comes from a different fruit entirely: peach. Created by Totally the Bomb, the Orange Drink was crafted to taste just like candy, specifically, the gummy peach rings that were very likely a part of your childhood.

If you're interested, here's how you order the Orange Drink: Ask for a venti Black Tea Lemonade, half sweet, then request that the barista add Iced Peach Green Tea and a splash of soy milk. The outcome is a pretty-to-look-at drink the color of an orange sunset — but with a sweet peach taste.

Other ways to enjoy the Orange Drink

While the original conception by Totally the Bomb is delicious, it's always nice to know some ways to switch up the Orange Drink if you're looking for modifications. For example, you could forgo the soy milk for a less creamy drink that is closer to flavored tea. Or, you could go the other way and ask for more than a splash of soy milk — you could request a grande amount but within a venti cup to give you more room to fill it up with soy milk (or whatever milk you prefer — oat, almond or regular whole milk). 

Another way to upgrade the Orange Drink is to turn it into a frappuccino. To do this, ask for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, then request an addition of peach syrup. If you're worried about missing out on the tea flavor, you can ask for Iced Peach Green Tea to be included as well. The color of the frappuccino may be a bit lighter than the sunset-like color of the original Orange Drink, but the flavor will be there, which is the most important part.