The Dessert Presentation Trick That Lets Guests Customize Their Sweet Treats

If you enjoy throwing dinner parties, then you're probably always on the lookout for ways to improve your hosting skills. When it comes to dessert, we have a presentation trick to share that will totally upgrade your dinner party and end the night on a high note.

For this presentation trick, we recommend serving the sauce of the dessert dish on the side so that each guest can choose exactly how much sweetness they want to add to the dish. This is practical because everyone has varying levels of a sweet tooth; some people want an ultra-sweet treat after their savory dinner, whereas others are content with just a piece of dark chocolate, for example. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to utilize more of your serving ware, including those small bowls that you struggle to find a use for. So, which desserts can be used for this idea?

Dessert ideas for presenting the sauce on the side

Once you've decided you want to serve the sauce on the side, now is the time to get creative with your dessert course or use one of the following suggestions. First, cinnamon roll bread pudding is not only delicious but is perfect for serving a large number of people. Plus, you get to decide how you want to cut them up, either into average-sized portions or into bite-sized pieces. But, in this case, we suggest not including the icing on top but rather putting it on the side. Now, guests can choose exactly how much sweeter they want their already-sweet cinnamon roll bread pudding to be.

For another idea, you can make either a light and fluffy angel food cake or a classic pound cake, both of which are perfect vessels for a sweet sauce, such as a berry sauce (maybe strawberry or raspberry), a hot fudge sauce, or even a salted caramel sauce. Really, just about any sauce will complement one of these classic cakes. Like with the cinnamon roll bread pudding, you can choose your preferred way of slicing, then present the cake pieces next to your favorite sweet sauce, ready to be dipped into. Another dessert that goes great with sauce is churros. You can present your homemade (or store-bought) churros next to a bowl of chocolate sauce.