Keep A Jar Of Roasted Red Peppers On Hand For Countless Quick And Delicious Meals

Keeping a few pantry items on hand is a great idea for quick meals. Most of us keep staples like tuna and canned beans in the cabinet, but if you have a jar of roasted red peppers on the shelf, you can jazz up those old basics, and you've also got a fantastic starting point for sauces, dips, soups, and meals. Just pop open a jar and you're ready to start creating!

The bright red color and rich roasted flavor of jarred peppers start as mild bell peppers that are charred to roast the flesh, then peeled, and packed in salty brine. All of the tedious work of removing the seeds and stems is done for you too! Using roasted peppers from the jar can save you a lot of prep time in the kitchen. You'll find whole peppers, strips of roasted peppers, and even pre-marinated peppers at the grocery store –- maybe you'll want to bring home a jar of each for variety.

Creating new favorite flavors

One of our favorite uses for roasted red peppers is simply adding them to a sandwich, straight from the jar. The earthy, smoky flavor is great with sliced turkey or roast beef, tuna salad, and even in a grilled cheese sandwich. You can use them as a colorful addition to your charcuterie or cheese boards, or simply combine strips with some olives to go with cocktails. Blitz up a few peppers in your food processor and stir in mayo for a quick roasted pepper spread for sandwiches or vegetable crudité. Add roasted almonds, garlic, and a handful of pantry ingredients with the peppers in your blender to make Romesco sauce -– perfect for serving with roasted cauliflower or steak.

If you love tomato soup, you'll love it even more with pureed roasted red peppers. Or skip the tomatoes and go straight for a smoky red pepper soup or minestrone. The peppers can be layered in lasagna, baked into mac and cheese for a pimento cheese-like effect, and added directly to spaghetti sauce for a fresh twist. Consider mixing them into an olive tapenade to serve with grilled fish or chicken. If you have part of a jar left over from making one of these recipes, layer them on your next homemade pizza! The options are really endless, all from this one simple pantry ingredient.