Why Sitting At The Bar Is The Ultimate Restaurant Hack

What's the best seat at any restaurant? The answer will depend on why you are going out. Are you looking for a quick bite, impressing a date, or simply going out for entertainment value? You might want to see and be seen, or have a private conversation in a side booth, but for all other occasions, we think without a doubt the greatest seat is always at the bar. A seat at the bar requires no reservation, and the bartender is your guide for all good things that happen in a restaurant.

A bar seat is of course, great for a quick, less expensive bite. You can walk right up, and usually, the bartender can enter your order right away. Many bars serve a special menu, so you can try that hot new restaurant on a lower budget or splurge on the main menu. Chefs focus on interesting flavors designed for drinks on bar menus, so don't overlook them. The bar is a more casual environment where you are free to order one course or many, dash out or linger, whatever your current mood.

Bars are great for gathering

A bar seat serves as both a solitary place to eat quickly and a communal gathering place for if you don't want to eat or drink alone. You'll always have at least the bartender to chat with, and if you're fortunate you might strike up interesting conversation with the others at the bar. They're likely to be kindred spirits, enjoying the prompt service and atmosphere along with you. If you're lucky, the bar might overlook the kitchen so you can watch the action, too.

The bartender knows everything happening at the restaurant, making them a great source for learning what's really great on the menu, and what drinks pair well. Making friends with the bartender might provide more, too, like a taste of unusual spirits, a free drink, or tips for making a cocktail at home. Sitting at the bar is great people-watching, so even if you don't wind up making new friends, the experience is anything but boring. The next time you are out to eat, let the host know you'd like a seat at the bar and you'll thank us for the recommendation!