20 Goldbelly Foods That Are Worth The Splurge

Certain dishes and flavors can transport us right back to the moment they first hit our lips, and reliving that experience is one of the greatest gifts imaginable. We used to only be able to curb our late-night cravings after hours of driving. Some dedicated folks wouldn't even complain about hopping on a plane for the perfect slice of pie. Today, getting what we want when we want it just keeps getting easier and easier. 

Goldbelly partners with extraordinary local businesses to ship food gifts nationwide, allowing us to savor little bits of cities we love no matter where we are. These show-stopping foods don't come cheap, but it can be worth the steep price to bring your favorite meals right to your table. Just think of it as a bargain on a vacation from your living room. No need to keep daydreaming about these long-lost meals when you can treat yourself to them right at home.

Pastrami Queen Sandwich Kit

When craving a massive juicy sandwich, New York's Pastrami Queen is the only salvation. Anthony Bourdain never hit NYC without stopping at Pastrami Queen, and with Goldbelly, you don't have to be in the Big Apple to get your pastrami fix. The late chef said it himself: Pastrami Queen is the "real deal," which the deli proudly proclaims.

Goldbelly's Pastrami Queen sandwich kit costs $159.95 and is worth its weight in gold. It feeds between six to eight people, but people will make stomach room with pastrami this good. This worthy sandwich kit comes with 2 pounds of sliced pastrami, Orwashers Unseeded Rye Bread, pickles, and deli mustard. The beauty of Pastrami Queen is its simplicity. With the pastrami's deep flavors, the sandwich doesn't require anything else.

Mike's Pastry Cannoli Kit

Boston's North End is Massachusett's claim to Italian fame. Many of the region's establishments have been handed down for generations, like Mike's Pastry, which has been running since 1946. Mike has traveled far and wide to master his cannoli shells, which are said to be the only handmade shells left in the area, and with Goldbelly, they can be recreated at home for $60. 

The bakery offers its $60 Famous Cannoli Kit stocked with everything needed to create Mike's famous ricotta-filled cannolis, all without getting stuck in line or Boston traffic. You'll have your choice of plain ricotta cheese or chocolate ricotta cheese filling and then you can customize your creations with a sprinkle of confectioners' sugar, pistachio nuts, and chocolate chips.

Central Grocery Muffulettas

The city of New Orleans takes its sandwiches seriously, and rightfully so. The muffuletta, NOLA's most iconic sandwich, has become an integral part of the city's food culture, gracing menus across town. The delicious sandwich can be found nationwide, but the original was born in the French Quarter at a cozy deli called Central Grocery.

These muffulettas are a true New Orleans experience from start to finish. Each sandwich is meticulously crafted on a 10-inch Sicilian sesame loaf, which is just big enough to envelop its generous fillings, and stacked high with layers of ham, salami, mortadella, Swiss, Provolone, and Central Grocery's secret weapon, olive salad. The deli's marinated olive salad is the crown jewel of the muffuletta, and nothing can compare to the original. The Goldbelly's Original Muffuletta Sandwich from Central Grocery comes with enough to create two sandwiches, but considering the comically large size, it can feed up to eight people for under $130. 

Model Bakery Weekender Box

English muffins have always been an understated breakfast choice, but Model Bakery's doughy creations are far from ordinary. Model Bakery, or the "best bakery in Northern California" as they say, dishes out incredible baked goods, but the English muffins deserve a category all of their own. The bakery has been flourishing since 1984, courtesy of mother-daughter duo Karen and Sarah Mitchell, with three locations across Napa Valley and no signs of letting up.

Model's muffins are made with the fluffiest dough and are griddle-fried to perfection. The Model Bakery Weekender Box on Goldbelly brings Napa's famous breakfast right to your doorstep for $149.95. As the name suggests, the hefty breakfast package has all the fixings for the ideal brunch spread. The box includes a dozen of Model's famous English muffins, strawberry jam, granola, fresh coffee, and a variety of mouthwatering cookies, including Chocolate Rads, which are so delicious and chewy they could be mistaken for fudge.

Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream

Ice cream is an essential part of all celebrations, a breakup elixer, and a harmless bribery tool for stubborn kids. It has so much power because it's undeniably delicious and always feels just a little festive. It's hard to imagine ice cream could get any more fun, but Tipsy Scoop proves it can. The New York City-based creamery creates boozy ice cream for adults who don't want to pick between a nightcap and dessert. 

The culinary genius behind Tipsy Scoop, Melissa Tavss, comes from a long line of ice cream makers. However, she was the first to spike her creamy recipes to create a boozy dessert. These aren't just liquor-flavored; they're creative cocktails crafted using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. For $124.95, you can eat tonight's cocktail with a spoon. The Goldbelly Choose Your Own Boozy Ice Cream package allows a choice between six of Tipsy Scoops' incredible flavors. From the tempting Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel to the Mango Margarita Sorbet, there's a boozy flavor to suit every taste. 

John's Roast Pork Ultimate Philly Cheesesteak and Roast Pork Sandwich Kit

Cheesesteaks may be seen as Philadelphia's claim to foodie fame, but locals know their city has much more to offer. Roast pork sandwiches are an integral part of Philly's food culture along with cheesesteaks, and they can be found in South Philly, a neighborhood dedicated to the community's Italian heritage. In this cozy corner of the city, you'll find the famous John's Roast Pork, which has been in operation since 1930.

With Goldbelly's Ultimate Philly Cheesesteak and Roast Pork Sandwich Kit from John's Roast Pork, no tough decisions need to be made. The sandwich bundle includes four packaged cheesesteaks and all the fixings for four roast pork sandwiches. John's preparation is the classic Philly way; roast pork, provolone, and spinach on a sesame roll topped with gravy. The DIY sandwich box comes at the steep price of $219.95, but given the size of these sandwiches, it'll be worth the investment.

Commander's Palace Three-Course Shrimp and Grits Dinner

Louisiana favorites like crawfish, po-boys, muffulettas, and beignets are on every visitor's must-try list, but one should always make time for a five-star Southern dinner. Commander's Palace is the place to do so, as it has been an iconic symbol of New Orleans since 1893. The restaurant is impossible to miss on Washington Ave, with soft jazz wafting from beneath the vibrant turquoise and white striped awning.

While that vibrancy is part of what makes the city so memorable, the atmosphere can be recreated elsewhere with the right can-do attitude, and a little help from Goldbelly. For $169.95, two can indulge in the Commander's Palace Three-Course Shrimp & Grits Dinner. The dinner kit is comprised of wild shrimp, cognac sauce, creamy grits, a loaf of garlic bread, an entire pecan pie, and your choice of turtle soup or seafood gumbo.

Pizzeria Bianco Wood-Fired Pizzas

Some say that even bad pizza is still pizza, but after trying Pizzeria Bianco, that statement is hard to stand by. Many U.S. cities have incredible pizza, but Arizona isn't one that naturally springs to mind. That was until Chris Bianco began creating his wood-fired pies right in the back of a Phoenix grocery.

Bianco kicked off his pizza business endeavor in 1988, and it didn't take long for people to take note of his culinary wonder. He may have been miles from Italy, but he shared the same dedication to fresh, local ingredients. Bianco has shared his story with us throughout the years, even with his own episode of "The Chef's Table." Lucky for us, we can all enjoy his handcrafted wood-fired pies for $139.95 from Goldbelly. They offer a few different options, but the Wood Fired Pizzas Best Seller 4-Pack allows for a little taste of everything. It includes a Margherita and three of their classics: Wise Guy, Rosa, and Sonny Boy.

Pappy's Smokehouse World Famous Ribs

Leaving BBQ up to the professionals is a valid choice, and not just to avoid the mess. It can take years for professionals to master the perfect, smoky ribs, and no one does barbecue like the South. In St. Louis, Pappy's Smokehouse is the leading proprietor. While $199.95 isn't a small price tag, Pappy's World Famous Ribs, which includes four racks, is the best bang for your buck. 

Each of Pappy's "world famous" rack of ribs weighs around 2 pounds. For nearly 10 pounds of ribs, it's only fair that a bottle of Pappy's Famous Jane's Sweet BBQ Sauce is supplied. This pre-made spread is the ideal addition when cooking seems like far too much work but slow-cooked BBQ is still on the table. Pappy's dry-rubbed ribs arrive fully cooked and ready for up to eight people to devour.

Anderson's Frozen Custard and Homemade Ice Cream

With food delivery services, the concept of seasonal foods goes right out the window. No matter how chilly it is in Buffalo, Anderson's Frozen Custard still sends off frosty treats to beachgoers in Miami, or wherever the cravings are. Frozen custard is extremely popular in the Midwest, but it is actually a New York specialty, having originated in Coney Island back in 1919. Anderson's has been celebrating the boardwalk dessert since 1946 when the first location opened in the Bronx, but today all six locations are tucked away in Buffalo.

Folks used to commit to quite the drive for a creamy scoop of Anderson's, but Goldbelly ships six packs of the tasty custard anywhere in the States. For about $130, you can choose six flavors from the long list of timeless options like Pistachio or Black Raspberry. The Choose Your Own Frozen Custard + Handmade Ice Cream includes all of Anderson's handmade ice cream flavors as well so you can mix and match.

Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie is such an elegant dessert, and not just for the allusive limes. Given that the pie's signature ingredient is named after the Florida Keys, it's only expected that the best key lime pie would be tucked away in Key West. Key lime pie is abundant in the Keys, but Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe is the heart and soul of the dessert. 

Kermit's blends its key lime juice (squeezed right in-house) with rich, tangy, pie filling which settles into a classic graham-cracker crust. Lastly, it wouldn't be complete without an overwhelming amount of whipped cream. Goldbelly's 9-Inch Key Lime Pie from Kermit's should serve up to 10 people, depending on hunger levels. Having this incredible pie on your dining room table by dessert is totally worth $84.95.

Ferrara Bakery & Cafe Italian Cookie Tray

Diving into Ferrara's Italian Cookie Tray is a decadent experience well worth the nearly $100 splurge at Goldbelly. How can you put a price tag on being transported to Italy with one bite? This family-owned bakery has been a treasured gem in NYC's Little Italy since 1892, and they still have to shuffle people out at closing time. 

Ferrara's cookies are delicate, decadent masterworks that aren't just for dessert. With just the right touch of sweetness, these Italian treats can be a coffee companion or an afternoon pick-me-up. Ferrara Bakery's Italian cookie platter consists of various buttery and nutty options, with all the classics on the menu. You'll receive 4 pounds of goodness, including the well-known Rainbow Cookies, called Tri-Color, Soft Pignoli Cookies, and several other surprises. 

Eventide Oyster Co. Brown Butter Lobster Roll Kit

You may have had a lobster roll, even a New England lobster roll, but you've never had a lobster roll like the one from Eventide Oyster Co. Ever since it hit the restaurant's menu, the brown butter lobster roll was the talk of Portland, Maine. While it's more of a mini lobster roll, given it can be gobbled in just a few bites, it's still a life-changing dish. 

Tender Maine lobster tossed in brown butter is folded into the fluffiest, steamed bao bun rather than the traditional toasted hot dog roll. The end result is like a nibble of gold, so the fact that it can be replicated at home thanks to Goldbelly is exciting news. The Brown Butter Lobster Roll Kit feeds about four people and is a luxury priced at $104.95, but that's a bargain to get fresh Maine lobster shipped across the country.

Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas

NY pizza is legendary, but sometimes deep-dish pies are what hits the spot. Lou Malnati's started out as a humble Chicago pizza joint in the '70s, but today it's a citywide phenomenon with over 80 locations. The Windy City has plenty of venues to choose from for its signature pizza style, but Lou Malnati's Pizzeria stands out. It's that history and passion for food that makes it such a special experience, and totally worth ordering for $120 to feed around 10.

In Goldbelly's six-pack of Lou Malnati's Deep-Dish Pizzas, you can choose between classic cheese, pepperoni, sausage, or spinach. As the pioneer of deep-dish pies, Lou Malnati's is the real thing. The secret to their superior taste is not just in the ingredients but, as Rick Malnati believes, in Lake Michigan's sublime water. That flaky, perfect crust is what has fans shipping Malnati's all over the States.

Russ and Daughters New York Nostalgia

There are a few things that are synonymous with the streets of New York City: one-dollar pizza slices, yellow cabs, and Jewish delis. When it comes to the latter, Russ and Daughters is a true classic. The deli has been delivering Jewish comfort food to New Yorkers for over 100 years and helped pave the way for an entire food movement. The deli deserves every ounce of praise it gets, and it's worth the high price, especially from Goldbelly.

Russ and Daughters' New York Brunch celebrates the melting pot with what NYC does best: breakfast. The nostalgia box comes with everything Bubbe would serve on a Sunday brunch, complete with plenty of cream cheese and six assorted bagels. The $195 box is packed with smoked salmon, a chocolate Babka, and coffee.

Chris Oh's Korean BBQ Kit

Celebrity chef Chris Oh, known for his Food Network triumphs on "Great Food Truck Race Champions" and "Tournament of Champions," has answered his fans' calls. Teaming up with Goldbelly, he's introduced an incredible "Best of KBBQ" Korean BBQ Kit. Initiated by the pandemic, this kit ensures households won't miss out on Korean BBQ at home, but it's become much more.

At $209.95, it's a two-for-one deal — a delicious meal and a group activity. This kit includes all the meats, sides, and extras you'd find at a Korean BBQ restaurant. As incredible as the kalbi, bulgogi, and pork belly are, the sauces and sides really complete the feast. The BBQ kit is designed for six, but it might even leave you with some delightful leftovers.

Highway Inn Hawaiian Meat Sampler

It's not so easy to hop over to Hawaii for a quick snack, so Goldbelly's Highway Inn's Hawaiian Meat Sampler is well worth checking out. Considering this smorgasbord feeds up to 16 people, it hardly feels like a splurge at $159.95, especially with the overseas journey it has to make.

Hawaii is all about the surreal beaches and fresh fish, but the island's carnivorous culinary scene shouldn't be dismissed.​​ A common meal in Hawaii is simply referred to as a "plate lunch" and it generally consists of rice, island-style macaroni salad, and an abundance of succulent meat. Highway Inn delivers Hawaii's favorites in the meat sampler, including pan-fried beef, otherwise known as pipikaula, smoked pork, banana leaf-wrapped kalua pig​​, pulehu chicken thighs, and bone-in beef short ribs. This hefty portion of Hawaiian meats can stretch the family the whole week, or it can be devoured with some friends in no time. 

Burritos La Palma Best of Burritos Pack

If you can't make it to Mexico, Southern California is the next best thing for a birria fix. Tacos have been Los Angeles' unspoken mascot ever since food trucks started dominating the L.A. food scene in the 1920s, but burritos deserve appreciation too. The Bañuelos Lugo family first opened Burritos La Palma in Zacatecas, Mexico back in 1980, and lucky for Americans, they brought their signature style burritos over to Los Angeles.

They've carried on with the spirit of sharing by offering a 12-pack of their Best Burritos with Goldbelly, available for anyone in the U.S. to enjoy. Yes, burritos are notorious for being both inexpensive and filling, but we mustn't forget that these are Mexican burritos in the way of Southern California. At $119.95, around six people can enjoy some of Los Angeles' best burritos, which is cheaper than flying.

Di Fara Neapolitan Classic/Pepperoni Pizza Combo

Di Fara has been recognized as one of New York's best pizzerias for ages, staying on any respected foodie's list. For those who haven't had New York pizza, this is what you want. For those who want to prove Big Apple pizza is the best, this is also what you want. Di Fara has mastered classic NY-style pizza with a perfectly thin crust with just the right amount of chew. 

Having emigrated from Italy, the family behind Di Fara are experts at all things pizza, especially Sicilian pies. The piping hot pies are typically handed over through a window in Midwood, where the smell of fresh basil and tomatoes keeps the quiet streets alive. However, for about $100 anyone can order an entire stack of Di Fara pies to their door. Goldbelly offers a Classic + Pepperoni Neapolitan Pizza Combo, fit for six.

Humphry Slocombe Breakfast Ice Cream Cake

Breakfast cake may sound like something a lost toddler concocted in the kitchen, but we can assure you, this recipe is tried and tested. The "complete" breakfast cake is a fun approach to mornings that is sure to spark a sugar rush. Thanks to Humphhry Slocombe Ice Cream of San Francisco, our childhood dreams can come true now. 

The creamery develops extraordinary ice cream flavors, such as Vietnamese coffee and "Secret Breakfast," which they craft into fun creations, like the epic breakfast cake, which is composed of Madagascar vanilla cake and topped with cornflakes, naturally. The 9-inch cake is certainly a splurge at $122.95, but it's over 4 pounds of deliciousness and completely justified for your next celebration.