Think Twice Before Pausing The Brewing Process On Your Coffee Maker

You crawl out of bed and shuffle to the kitchen. After spooning grounds into the paper filter and pouring water into the coffee maker, you push the red button, walk away, and wait. But after only a couple minutes your patience disappears and you reach for a mug, pouring yourself a cup before the trusty brewer has had a chance to finish its task. Sure, it's coffee and it's in your hands right now, but it could taste better.

Electric pour-over coffee makers are steady morning companions that can make consistently good coffee with little effort, but a lack of patience can decrease the satisfaction you get from your cup of joe. Coffee makers like this are designed to brew full pots, and it takes the entire brewing time for the strength to get just right. As with any pour-over, including electric ones, the first drips of coffee will be especially strong and the brew will get weaker towards the end, as the flavors are extracted from the coffee grinds. Instead of reaching for a smack-in-the-face strong cup before the brewing is done and being left with weaker coffee in the pot, let the brewer finish completely and give the carafe a swirl before pouring. This will give you the most balanced cup of coffee.

How to make the tastiest coffee in your home electric brewer

You don't have to head to your favorite coffee shop to get a brew that tastes fresh, flavorful, and balanced. If you learn a few tips and tricks, even the most basic at-home coffee makers can make delicious coffee.

The first thing to consider is your beans. If you want a good cup of coffee, you need to start with good beans. Opt for buying from a local roaster instead of stocking up at the grocery store. Not only will you be able to tell the difference in the fresher roast, but the beans often come from small farms that produce better beans. Keep your beans in an air-tight container and always grind them right before brewing for the best flavor. Ensure that your grind is the right size for your coffee maker. Blade grinders are better than not having fresh ground beans at all, but if you want the best cup, opt for a burr grinder that will give a much more even and consistent texture to your grind.

Additionally, make sure you've got a good ratio of grounds to water — you can even weigh your beans and measure your water if you want to be precise. Use filtered water for a cleaner taste (that will also help keep your coffee maker cleaner). Finally, enjoy your cup while it's hot and avoid the microwave at all costs — it'll kill all that delicious flavor you just worked so hard (and waited so patiently) to get.