Why Dessert Forks Are Actually Useful At Parties

With dinner forks, salad forks, oyster forks, and more, the spectrum of forks available can seem somewhat ludicrous, especially when you consider that a few centuries ago, these utensils were thought of as an affront to God. According to How Stuff Works, having a large number of forks came into fashion in the 18th century, when the wide range of options was a way for the nobility to show off their wealth. However, it turns out that some of this ostentatious silverware is actually pretty useful. Take the humble dessert fork: This dainty fork may be small, but it can be a huge help at parties.

Be it an outdoor blowout or an intimate house party, dessert forks are handy for the portion of the festivities when guests want to wander around and mingle while enjoying a slice of cake or another dessert. That's because traditionally, the left tip of a dessert fork is shaped a bit like a knife, which enables the guest to cut into a dessert and pick up a bite with one hand and support their plate with the other. This grants guests mobility during a party and subsequently infuses a get-together with more energy.

Dessert forks cut out the need for knives

Utilizing dessert forks will reduce the amount of dishes left to do at the end of the night because it eliminates the need for an extra set of knives. If you really want to avoid extra mess, you could even pick up a pack of plastic dessert forks, which may be a good buy if you don't regularly host parties. But for the party animals out there, a nice set of dessert forks is a solid investment.

Dessert forks pair perfectly with dessert plates, which are small plates well-suited for individual servings of cookies, fruit, pastries, or other snacks. Like dessert forks, dessert plates allow guests to easily transport them around. The combination of a dessert fork and plate is sure to encourage your guests to move about and talk to each other, which is what a good party is all about.

Breaking out the dessert forks is just one of many small things you can do to elevate your dinner party. The special silverware may seem like overkill, but they do make a difference when catering to a large group of people. So, the next time you have folks over, set out the dessert forks and prepare for a fun night.