Can't Decide Which Halloween Candy To Eat? Throw Them All In Trash Brownies

After Halloween night is over, you might find yourself wondering what to do with the surplus of tempting candy overflowing from those jack-o'-lantern buckets. Fortunately, there's a scrumptious solution that will delight both young and old: trash brownies. These decadent treats not only provide a second act for your candy stash but also give your brownies bursts of delightful surprises. Plus, you won't have to worry about candy going to waste — even if it isn't your favorite.

The key to this confectionary lies in the art of integrating the leftover Halloween candy. From chocolate bars to chewy caramels, and even the occasional peanut butter cup, each candy contributes its unique flavor and texture to these loaded brownies. It's entirely up to you which combinations you add.

After unwrapping your candy, it's time to chop everything into bite-sized pieces. Uniformity of size is important, ensuring an even distribution of candy treasure throughout the brownie batter. If you're using store-bought brownie mix, follow the instructions on the box, then gently fold in the chopped candy before pouring the batter into your baking pan. For those making homemade brownies, simply add the candy pieces to your batter in the same way until they are well distributed. 

Tips for incorporating candy into brownies

While it's easy enough to make delicious trash brownies courtesy of too much Halloween candy, there are still a few tips to make them the best they can be. For prettier brownies that show off the types of candy you'll find inside, save some of the candy back and add it to the top of the brownies when they have a few minutes left to bake. Smaller candies work best for this. Don't be afraid to embrace the eclectic mix of your candy stash. The diverse flavors and textures will create a symphony of indulgence in every bite. Consider pairing complementary candies — the contrast between a nutty bar and a creamy chocolate square can lead to tasty surprises.

With leftover Halloween candy brownies, you're not just repurposing your candy stash, you are also leaning into your culinary creativity. So, embrace the candy chaos, unleash your inner chocolatier, and savor the joy of turning a sweet surplus into irresistible brownie treats.