The Easy Starbucks Hack For A Cheaper Dirty Chai Latte

Every Starbucks aficionado knows that delightful moment of sipping a beautifully brewed Dirty Chai Tea Latte. It's an aromatic fusion of bold and spice-forward flavors, making it a drink that effortlessly merges the worlds of tea and coffee. But for those who regularly indulge, the cost of this delicious blend can add up. Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy the same flavors without the premium price tag.

First, it's essential to decode the "dirty" in a Dirty Chai Tea Latte. Traditionally, a Chai Latte is a blend of spicy chai tea concentrate and steamed milk. When you add a shot (or two) of espresso, it becomes "dirty," representing the bold addition of coffee to the equation. While undeniably delicious, ordering a Dirty Chai Tea Latte can be pricier due to the combined costs. Instead of ordering a Dirty Chai Tea Latte, which will cost around $6.35, according to the Starbucks menu, you can reconfigure your order to achieve the same taste for less.

To get the most for your money at Starbucks, start by ordering a regular latte. You're primarily paying for the espresso and milk, which are essential components of the Dirty Chai. Now, here's the game-changer: Instead of the Chai Tea concentrate, request your barista add pumps of chai tea syrup to your latte.

Try ordering this instead

Depending on the size of your drink, the number of chai pumps, essentially the spiced flavor component of a chai latte, can vary. For a tall, two to three pumps are sufficient. For a grande, three to four pumps should do the trick. And for a venti, up to five pumps will deliver that spicy kick. By reimagining your order this way, you are sidestepping the added costs of a specialty tea drink plus extra espresso. Using this trick to order a grande with four pumps will cost about $5.55 — just $0.20 more than the base chai tea latte without the shot of espresso.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, you can confidently stride into your local Starbucks, ready to enjoy the spicy allure of a Dirty Chai without the extra expense. So, to all the Starbucks loyalists out there, here's to savoring the flavors you love, while also being kind to your wallet.