Tillamook Debuts New Line Of Frozen Pizza And Mac And Cheese

You probably know Tillamook as a maker of high-quality cheeses, and while cheese by itself is a wonderful thing, consider all the dishes whose deliciousness hinges on a bon fromage. It makes sense then that the brand would introduce a line of ready-made, classically cheesy dishes featuring its core product offering. According to a press release sent to Tasting Table, you can now pick up mac and cheese and pizza in several flavors from the brand.

Featuring what Tillamook's executive chef of culinary innovation, Josh Archibald, describes as "craveable, chef-inspired recipes," the mac and cheese and "crispy stone-fired pizzas" come frozen and deliver Tillamook's signature flavor straight from the oven for a low-hassle meal. "Our new products truly spotlight and celebrate our bold, award-winning cheeses," Archibald explains. "The entire culinary team worked hard to create these recipes, so they taste like a meal you'd enjoy at the Tillamook Creamery — now in the comfort of your own home."

Tillamook's mac and cheese has already hit store shelves and is available at select Target and Walmart outlets nationwide. The pizzas are expected to roll out in October. Those looking for a taste can visit Tillamook's website to locate their closest retailer.

So many cheesy flavors to choose

The inspiration for the new product line is close to home for Tillamook. Their creamery doubles as a dining hall that serves up dishes featuring their cheeses, butter, and other dairy products, such as fried cheese curds, a double cheddar grilled cheese, and a root beer float with vanilla ice cream. But the press release predicts the mac and cheese will hands-down be the "fan favorite."

The frozen mac and cheese line includes three flavors, from elegantly original to a little kick. The classic cheddar blends medium and sharp cheddars in a creamy sauce and is topped with farm-style cheddar and crushed pretzels. Sharp white cheddar and Monterey Jack form the base for sharp cheddar and uncured bacon mac and cheese topped with crispy onions. Finally, for those heat seekers, the sharp cheddar and Hatch chile mac and cheese has a mild spice from the roasted green chiles, as well as sharp white cheddar jack cheese, and a cornbread crumble.

A three-cheese blend of mozzarella, Monterey jack, and medium yellow cheddar blankets each of Tillamook's frozen pizzas. Underneath is a crisp crust that mimics the crackly goodness of pizza pulled straight from a stone oven. Cheese lovers can rejoice in the straight three-cheese blend, while those with a taste for meat can choose from a pie with uncured pepperoni, a three-cheese supreme with Italian sausage, pepperoni, peppers, and onions, or the BBQ chicken pizza with red onions and cilantro.