Why You Need To Learn The Sales Cycle Of Your Grocery Store

Paring down one's monthly grocery bill, though it takes some serious planning, can result in huge savings. If you're the frugal type, you may already know the best specific times to go grocery shopping, but do you know how to cash in on the biggest sales throughout the year? As it turns out, most stores go through a yearly sales cycle, and if you can track it, it can mean more money in your wallet.

Many sales at grocery stores are determined by the holidays and general vibe of a given month. For example, January is the month of living up to one's New Year's resolutions, which often includes engaging in healthier habits. As such, low-calorie, diet-friendly foods will typically be on sale. We also celebrate National Oatmeal Month in January, so oats and other cereals may also be the subject of big savings. Moving on to February, you'll likely see deals on chips, wings, dips, and other snacks you would find at a Super Bowl party, as well as chocolates and candies for Valentine's Day. Following the major events and trends of the year will make it easy to predict what items will be on sale each month.

Holidays and yearly patterns will tell you what's on sale each month

Along with tracking holidays like Cinco de Mayo, the 4th of July, and Thanksgiving, you should also pay attention to months that recognize certain foods. National Frozen Food Month in March, National Ice Cream Month in July, and National Seafood Month in October represent just a few such celebratory times. Many months observe some sort of national food, so keep an eye on them so you don't miss out on any major savings.

You should also be cognizant of each month's overall mood throughout your sale cycle quest. August is generally considered the back-to-school month, so even if you don't have any little ones, you can still take advantage of low prices on office supplies and quick, simple food items like sandwich meat and fruit snacks. As November ushers in colder weather, look out for sales on cozy, warm drinks like tea and hot chocolate.

Every month will offer its fair share of deals and savings, and if you happen to miss them, you can always try again the next year. Following the yearly sales cycle is one of the best ways to save money at the grocery store. With a bit of research to learn each month's holidays, and some deductive reasoning to figure out what people will be shopping for and when, you can make the most of these monthly sales.