7 Must-Visit Food Spots In Los Angeles, According To Stephanie Izard

After earning an abundance of success in Chicago, chef Stephanie Izard made her way to Los Angeles and became a local star. Her LA-based restaurants The Girl & The Goat and Cabra are some of the best restaurants downtown, but her latest project is something you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. "The Curious Chef" is returning to the Tastemade streaming channel on August 29 at 7:00 p.m. ET, and Chef Stephanie Izard is bringing a whole lot of flavor to the new season.

From creative pop-ups to secret restaurants that only the most in-the-know foodies are aware of, season two of this beloved series is set to feature some incredible cooks and chefs. In preparation for the new season, Izard shared some of her favorite food spots in Los Angeles ranging from Venice hotspots to low-key delis. Get ready for Season 2 of "The Curious Chef" by visiting some of Izard's must-visit foodie destinations in LA!

Jeff's Table

Jeff's Table in East LA holds a special place in Izard's heart. "We actually filmed at Jeff's Table during Season 2 of 'The Curious Chef'," says Izard. This elevated deli serves creative sandwiches and salads in a laid-back setting with counter-style ordering. Though the entire menu has a nostalgic and personal touch, the sandwiches are what truly shine. "I love that almost every detail and ingredient on every sandwich is made in-house and inspired by Jeff's childhood stories," explained Izard. "The 'Jeff's Special' Reuben is the perfect amount of deliciousness in every bite."

That said, take Izard's advice and order the "Jeff's Special" Reuben next time you're in the area. This beloved Reuben sandwich features hot, hand-sliced pastrami on grilled and seeded rye bread. The "not really Russian" dressing has a solid kick that adds flavor and heat to the sandwich, while the melted Comté cheese adds the ideal touch of decadence.

Bridgetown Roti

Follow Izard's lead in Season 2 of "The Curious Chef" and take a trip to Bridgetown Roti in Downtown LA. This Caribbean pop-up serves hand-rolled rotis that are filled to the brim with everything from curry shrimp to channa and sweet potato to red pepper goat. However, Izard prefers the curry chana doubles. "I cooked with Chef Rashida Holmes at her house on season two of 'The Curious Chef' and had her insanely good Curry Channa Doubles," says Izard. "I had forgotten how amazing they are until I had them again at the Big Queer Food Fest fundraiser."

No matter what you decide to order, be sure to enhance your meal with one of the house-made sauces, each of which has a different spice level. For example, the pineapple habanero is hot while the lime pepper tomatillo is rather mild. Though the flavors are impeccable, chef Rashida Holmes' commitment and care to Caribbean cuisine makes all the difference. "Rashida is so much fun and I love her approach to cooking and use of bold flavors," Izard tells us.

Guerilla Tacos

Looking for some of the best tacos in Southern California? Guerilla Tacos is known for making some of LA's most creative and flavorful tacos, making them a DTLA staple. Due to Guerrilla Tacos close proximity to her own restaurant, she's been lucky enough to get very well acquainted with them. "Guerilla Tacos is right down the street from Girl & the Goat LA," Izard says, "Crystal Espinoza and I actually did an event together for a really great organization called Regarding Her."

Though the tacos are obviously the star of the show, Guerilla Tacos also serves lighter fare such as raw oysters with tropical aguachile, kampachi crudo, and tuna poke tostadas. That said, if you get the chance to try every taco on the menu, take it. You truly won't be disappointed by any of them. However, according to Izard, she's a sucker for the crispy pork belly taco, so be sure to put that one at the top of your list.


Ospi is without a doubt one of the best Italian restaurants in LA. This beloved hotspot has gained a loyal following of regulars who have fallen in love with the hand-made pasta and iconic fried provolone. However, Izard's go-to dish when visiting Ospi is none other than pizza. "Jackson Kalb of Ospi Venice featured our 'This Little Goat Chili Crunch' on one of his pizzas for a limited time, and I've been hooked ever since," said Izard. "The pizza crust is absolutely perfect and I love the vodka sauce pie."

Ospi has mastered the art of blending classic Italian cuisine with a more modern approach, and it is an ideal spot for both lunch and dinner on the Westside. After taking a page out of Izard's book with the pizza, enhance your meal with one of the famous kinds of pasta. Though you can't go wrong with any, but the spicy rigatoni alla vodka is the most popular — and for good reason.

Found Oyster

Looking for a solid seafood spot in East LA? Found Oyster is one of the most popular places for oysters and wine after work, and it's no wonder why it's one of Izard's favorites. The cozy and charming space transports guests to a classic oyster bar in New England. "Found Oyster was recommended to me by a bunch of industry people, and it really is the perfect industry hang," says Izard. "It's super chill and tasty at the same time." Obviously, oysters are a must, but the entire menu is worth exploring. From smoked trout dip to sea urchin service, there really is something for every kind of seafood fanatic.

Though dishes like the lobster bisque roll are consistent favorites, you'll also find that items change regularly based on what is available. "They like to support the farmer's markets and create dishes around whatever is fresh that day," Izard tells us.


Located in Eagle Rock, Dunsmoor boasts American cuisine cooked over a wood-fired grill. "A ton of chef friends turned me on to Dunsmoor," Izard explains. "It's casual but also feels upscale — really similar vibes to Girl & the Goat." The bar sits right up against the wood-fired hearth, giving guests a front-row view of the magic that happens when you use a little heat. When it comes to appetizers, the Bay scallops, bison tartare, and baby albacore are all must-order dishes.

However, Izard has a personal favorite that you won't want to miss. "I love anything off of a wood-fired grill, but the pulled lamb shoulder is awesome," she says. Other highlights include the wood-roasted Maine lobster, beef ribeye, and cider-glazed Bandera quail. Of course, no visit to Dunsmoor would be complete without a couple of quality sides, and the green bean casserole will take you right back to your childhood. Pair your meal with a glass vino from the extensive wine list.

Standing's Butchery

If you're a fan of the show, you might recognize Standing's Butchery from Season 1 of "The Curious Chef." This quality butcher shop specializes in local and pasture-raised meats, providing quality cuts of all kinds for locals looking to eat as responsibly and humanely as possible. "I met Jered of Standing's Butchery while filming season one of 'The Curious Chef' and we've been friends ever since. It's a really great place to find high-quality meats and house-made sausages."

All of the beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, ensuring that you're getting the best of the best when shopping at Standing's Butchery. As Izard mentioned, the sausages are legendary and range from pork to chicken. Since all of the chicken and poultry sold are raised on local California pastures, you can actually taste the quality and health in each and every bite. In addition to the classic cuts, Standing's Butchery also sells more unique items like beef bones, beef hearts, and chicken.