The Melon-Cutting Tool That Yields Perfect Results Every Time

From Italian prosciutto with cantaloupe to Mexican watermelon with lime and Tajin, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of melon season. Whether you prefer watermelon, honeydew, or the elusive Galia melon, these fruits (which are technically berries!) make for the perfect sweet and refreshing snack at any time of the day. The only downside to melons is that due to their large size and thick rinds, it can be difficult to cut a whole melon into easy-to-eat pieces, especially while practicing safe knife skills. That's why if you're a big fan of the gourds, it's worth it to invest in a melon slicer.

Melon slicers are similar to the circular slicers made for fruits like apples, only much bigger. These useful kitchen tools have handles for easy maneuvering and 12 sections radiating from a small circle in the center of the cutter, which means it will produce a dozen slices of the same size, plus a bonus cylindrical core that's very fun to eat. Depending on what type you get, the slicers can be over 15 inches across, which should be big enough to slice all but the largest of melons. There are various models to choose from, and they are available from places like Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

A circular melon slicer makes cutting up melons a breeze

Once you've found the melon slicer that's right for you, there's just one thing you need to do before you start slicing. Using a large kitchen knife, cut off an inch or so from both ends of the melon. The goal here is to remove as much of the rind as possible to make it easy for the slicer to cut through — and to avoid hurting yourself with a melon that won't stop rolling around. Then, set your melon upright on one of the sliced-off sides, align the melon slicer on top of it, grab the handles, and firmly press down. The slicer should glide through with very little resistance.

When you're done, you will be left with melon slices that are ready for snacking. Even if you need smaller cubes of melon — for, say, homemade watermelon lemonade — the melon slicer will make the process much easier since you can simply chop up the larger pieces. A melon slicer is a great gadget to have around for when you have guests and quickly want to prepare a snack, or if you're alone and want to easily get your hands on a slice. No matter what type of melon you choose, a melon slicer will help you cut it up without the fuss.