Beloved NYC Scarr's Pizza To Open Its First Location In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is about to get one more delicious pizza restaurant to choose from — one that is already confirmed to be great by plenty of New Yorkers. As reported by Eater, the beloved New York City pizzeria, Scarr's Pizza of the Lower East Side Manhattan, will be opening up a location in the Melrose Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. While the new location is officially in the works — as confirmed by multiple sources to Eater — it is currently not known when we can expect it to be opening its doors.

Scarr's will join a plethora of notable restaurants that already sit at Melrose Avenue, such as trendy Italian restaurant Olivetta or the upscale Peruvian restaurant Rosaliné. Additionally, there's Oui Melrose, which offers everything from burgers to sandwiches to donuts, as well as Lala's Argentine Grill, amongst many others.

While LA has plenty of notable pizza restaurants — such as Jon & Vinny's or Pizzana or Apollonia's Pizzeria — the city will certainly welcome another one to its ranks.

Scarr's has become a notable staple of NYC

It's no wonder that Scarr's Pizza is expanding, given how much attention it has gotten in the last few years. For example, the New York Times recently named Scarr's Pizza, which was founded by Scarr Pimentel, as one of the 100 best spots to eat in all of New York City — given how NYC essentially has no shortage of restaurants, it's quite the feat. And Tasting Table would agree — we named it one of our picks for the absolute best pizza places in NYC.

One of the aspects of Pimentel's business that makes him so notable is that he mills his own flour (or uses a combination of organic flour from a trusted source in upstate New York), determined to make his pizza with the very best ingredients possible. Now, Pimentel will be bringing that quality to a new city: Los Angeles.

It makes sense that Pimentel would want to integrate his own pizza into the LA pizza scene given that he isn't exactly fond of the city's existing pizzerias. In a 2018 interview with Bon Appetit, Pimentel said, "[I had] the worst pizza of my life—even the places that were hyped and expensive were terrible."