The Benefit Of Store-Bought Wrappers For Your Homemade Dumplings

When the craving for homemade dumplings hits, reach for convenient store-bought wrappers that are instantly ready to contain the filling of your dreams. You'll save lots of time not making the wrappers from scratch, which is time you can use to make extra dumplings for later! You can even freeze a few extra packs to defrost while you prepare and cool your next filling recipe for maximum flexibility.

Look for round dumpling wrappers in the refrigerated section of most grocery stores. You may find a choice of thickness; for a less doughy dumpling, select thinner wrappers. Colors may range from white to light yellow depending on regional differences and if they contain egg, but you can't go wrong if the package is labeled 'dumpling'. You may see square wrappers –- those are typically used for wontons that are boiled or deep-fried and might not hold up properly when used for pan-fried or steamed dumplings.

Putting store-bought wrappers to use

A few tips for success for your store-bought wrappers: be sure to thaw them slowly if they were frozen to avoid having them stick together. We recommend placing them in the refrigerator overnight and avoiding microwave defrosting. Keep them covered with a damp paper towel while folding the dumplings so that the edges don't dry out. And you'll need a small bowl of water to get the edges to seal. Wrappers are packaged with a light layer of cornstarch to keep them from sticking together. Dip a finger or brush in the water and completely moisten the edge all the way around so they'll seal tightly when you pinch them shut.

The wrappers can be used for many different types of dumplings –- steamed, pan-fried, or boiled. You'll love the versatility of having a few packs of wrappers on hand for plump, steamed Chinese dumplings, pan-crisped gyoza, or even an impromptu ravioli dinner. The whole world loves these little morsels enclosed in tender dough so let your imagination be your guide when filling your wrappers!