The World's Longest Bar Is Nestled Inside The Humble Baron Near Nashville

In March 2023, a new world record was set outside of Nashville, when the owners of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey debuted their latest creation: a restaurant featuring the world's longest continuous bar, according to Guinness World Records. Located in Shelbyville, Tennessee, Humble Baron sits on the same property as the Nearest Green Distillery, all on a whopping 432 acres. The restaurant opened showcases its cocktail at a 518-foot-long bar that wraps around the inside of the establishment.

Humble Baron's owners Fawn and Keith Weaver opened Nearest Green Distillery in 2017 and named it after Nathan "Nearest" Green, a Black man who's said to be the founder of Tennessee whiskey. The bar itself represents the owners' core ideals. "My through line for it is everybody has a seat at the table. It's a little reveal of my worldview, which is centered on equity and inclusion. That actually informed the design of the bar itself," Keith Weaver told Travel Noire. He also says it applies to the menu and mixology, as well as the music showcased at the venue.

Something for Everyone

As if the world record breaking wasn't enough, the extensive bar also has 17 different stations that feature beer on tap as well as craft cocktails. Many of these are made with Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey while other featured spirits can include liquors from smaller, Black-owned labels such as Equiano, Hella Bitters, and Ten to One rum. As Keith Weaver told Travel Noire, his favorite cocktail on the menu is the Dear Fawn espresso martini made with vodka. The most popular drink overall is the Humble Baron Old Fashioned, a take on the classic old fashioned cocktail made with Nearest Whiskey and also featuring a dose of the herbal, hibiscus-forward Sorel liquer.

In addition to sampling a wide array of cocktails and enjoying elevated southern cooking, up to 15,000 guests can enjoy live entertainment at the venue's indoor and outdoor stages and visit the Nearest Green distillery.