The Ground Meat Blend For Mouth Watering Sloppy Joe Sandwiches

A sloppy joe is a classic and delicious go-to staple on American dinner tables. A generous helping of ground beef, dripping in a ketchup-y, vinegary, and sometimes-sweetened sauce, is slathered between two (often toasted) buns. While there are many variations on the iconic convenience dish, the best way to get a mouth-watering sloppy joe sandwich comes down to the ground meat. The perfect meat blend for a succulent sloppy joe is an ideal ratio of two different cuts of ground beef.

For a delicious sloppy joe, the two cuts of beef that enhance the sandwich are ground sirloin and chuck. Use one part ground sirloin to one part ground chuck. Once you've browned your beef blend and sautéed it with onions and garlic, add your sauce to the pan and allow the whole mixture to simmer, and allow all the flavors to come together until the sauce has warmed through and thickened to the consistency of your liking. The result is a sloppy joe with the perfect levels of absolutely melt in your mouth, yet hearty and beefiness throughout your classic sandwich.

The perfect blend is ground sirloin and chuck

The balance that you're trying to achieve in a delicious sloppy joe is one between flavor and moisture. Different cuts of beef may succeed in packing the beefiness with others that are incredibly lean, so blending them together gives you the strengths of each cut in your sandwich.

On the cow, the sirloin comes from the top back part of the animal, known as the subprimal posterior. While this cut of beef is tender and has a good, mild level of beefiness, what it lacks is fat. This means that when cooked, the ground sirloin can dry out faster than fattier cuts. Chuck, however, comes from the shoulder area in the top half of the cow. While there's not too much beefy flavor here, it has a high-fat content — making it ideal to keep your sloppy joe juicy.

In order to get the most ideal proportion of tenderness and beefiness to fat content, using this one-to-one beef blend of ground sirloin to chuck is the best. It provides a winning combination of flavor and textures in your sloppy joe come dinner time.