An Ice Cream Scoop Is Perfect For Boiling Eggs Without Splashing

Calling all protein junkies: You're likely clued up on the way that boiled eggs are the perfect high-protein breakfast, sandwich filling, and on-the-go snack. But, if you're making boiled eggs on the regular, did you know that an ice cream scoop can come in super handy?

The time has come to wrangle this tool out of your disorganized utensil drawer because the dessert-making staple is not a one-trick pony reserved solely for scooping cookies 'n cream. An ice cream scoop does more than make balls of strawberry ice cream to top waffle cones or sandwich between cookies; it moonlights as a brilliant tool for boiling eggs without splashing hot water on yourself. 

An ice cream scooper is so darn practical for boiling eggs because it perfectly cradles each fragile egg, courtesy of its rounded shape. Though spatulas and fish slices can be employed for the same purpose, the eggs can roll off. With an ice cream scooper, you can safely lower the eggs right down into the hot water to the base of the bottom of the pan. And this simple kitchen tool helps avoid more pitfalls than you might realize. 

Scoops avoid broken yolks and cracked shells

By reducing the distance between the egg and the base of the pot, you're eliminating the risk of any boiling splashback that could scold your fingers. And seeing as your hands are nowhere close to the rolling boil, your fingers will also be saved from the rising steam coming off the surface of the bubbling water.

Employing this technique also means your delicate eggs won't crack on impact. Placing the eggs into the water conservatively, rather than dropping them in at the surface, helps the shells stay intact. An ice cream scoop is also useful for lifting the hot eggs out of the boiling water once they're done to your liking. Simply, pick up each egg with the scoop, hold them against the side of the pan to drain off the water, and leave them to cool. You may also prefer to drop your eggs into a bowl of cold water to stop them from cooking further. 

Did you know you can use an ice cream scoop to poach eggs, as well? All you need to do is crack the egg into the scoop and gently lower it into a pan of boiling water for deliciously tender eggs with a soft (and preserved) yolk. Ice cream scoops are versatile pieces of kitchen equipment that deserve a place in the utensil jar beside your stove.