Where HelloFresh Sources Its Sustainable Fish

Meal delivery kits are a convenient way to have food on hand without having to hit the grocery store, and many of the recipes are satisfying and delicious. But it's worth wondering if the ingredients included are as high quality as those you might pick out yourself. HelloFresh is one of the most popular meal delivery companies, with a wide variety of options, including fish and seafood. In case you've ever been curious about both the quality and sustainability of the fish that Hello Fresh sources, here's a deeper look.

HelloFresh has a page on its website dedicated to information on its suppliers, sourcing, and sustainability. When it comes to fish, they use a supplier called The Better Fish. This supplier offers "Fair Trade-certified ocean-farmed white fish" — the world's first to offer this, according to HelloFresh's website. The farmed fish that HelloFresh uses are Barramundi, which is a type of sea bass. Barramundi from The Better Fish is farmed a few miles off the coast of Vietnam. The supplier says it focuses on sustainable practices throughout the process, including using less carbon-intensive shipping methods.

Barramundi is a mild and flaky white fish that's versatile for cooking and offers good nutrition. Barramundi is both lean and high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. HelloFresh uses this fish for a variety of recipes, including Baja rice bowls and Chimichurri Barramundi.

Why sustainable fish matters

It's no secret that our oceans have been overfished in many areas by humans — but that doesn't mean we have to stop eating fish altogether. Selecting ingredients that don't further deplete already struggling wild fish populations is one way to enjoy seafood more responsibly. Aquaculture—or fish farming—is one of the major industries that allows us to do this. Eating farmed fish doesn't always sound as exciting as wild-caught, but when done well, you'll find tasty fish to plate up for dinner. Farming fish that are omnivorous, rather than strictly carnivorous — like Barramundi — can further help from depleting wild fish populations, since the need for smaller species to be caught and used for food for farmed fish is much smaller. According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration fisheries department, aquaculture is critical in our move towards more sustainable seafood.

When companies like HelloFresh use suppliers like The Better Fish, this helps further the development of industries that are working towards producing more sustainable seafood. And, if meal preparation kits aren't your thing, you can find ocean-farmed fish products at many grocery stores.