Target Is Rolling Out Drive-Up Starbucks Delivery At Stores Nationwide

Following the success of a limited test run offering Starbucks drive-up delivery at select Target locations, the retail giant announced it's rolling out this convenient service on a broader scale. The Starbucks add-on for Target Drive Up orders began rolling out this summer and the service is expected to be up and running at 1,700-plus participating Target locations nationwide this fall. It is currently operational at select Target stores in the U.S. including California, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, and North Dakota. 

During the limited rollout, the national merchandiser applied its test-and-learn approach to fine-tune the system in order to provide a seamless experience for its shoppers. "We've continued listening to our guests, who've told us overwhelmingly that Drive Up with Starbucks would bring even more ease and joy to every Target run," explained Target's Chief Stores Officer, Mark Schindele. "This one-of-a-kind service — available only at Target — is the latest example of how we're innovating every day to meet the needs of our guests."

A more convenient way to shop and get your coffee at the same time

Here's how it works — a customer places a "Drive Up" order on their Target app at a participating location, then when the order is ready for pick-up they will receive a notification from the store, and respond that they are en route. Once confirmed, the consumer will get a follow-up notification asking if they would like to add a Starbucks order. Once the selection is made, the patron clicks "Add for Drive Up" and finalizes their payment through the app.

When the customer arrives at the Target location, they park in a designated area and then click "I'm here" on the store's app. When the Drive Up service team receives the notification, an associate will deliver the shopper's entire Target order — along with their Starbucks order — directly to their car. It's a twofer match of convenience for busy customers hustling through a list of errands. So far, according to Target, the most popular Starbucks orders by patrons that have used this service are the Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso, Birthday Cake Pop, and Iced Caramel Macchiato