The Easy Dipping Technique For Perfect Iced Oatmeal Cookies

If you prefer chocolate chip cookies to oatmeal raisins, see if icing will change your mind. There's nothing better than a crunchy oatmeal raisin cookie, topped with a smooth and sugary glaze. While you can surely frost your oatmeal cookies in a few ways, the dipping method is one of the best. It's easy — and doesn't even require a piping bag or spatula to smooth over the icing. Rather, all you have to do is slowly — and carefully — dip the top of each oatmeal cookie into a bowl of icing. You'll know you've pulled off the technique when you turn your cookies around and see a sweet, white, crackly topping. 

Of course, there are a few tricks to keep in mind to successfully carry out this technique. In particular, it's best to treat your oatmeal cookies with a delicate touch. Lightly dipping your baked goods into the bowl is therefore essential; after all, you don't want your oatmeal raisin cookies to swim in the sweetness. A little bit of icing — which is not to be confused with frosting – goes a long way. 

As for the best kind of icing to complement your cookies? It's less about the taste and more about the texture. 

The right icing for your oatmeal raisin cookies

To whip up an icing worthy of your favorite cookie recipes, focus on its texture. Luckily, making such an icing is fairly straightforward. Simply pair powdered sugar with either water, milk, or cream. You want to create a mixture that is thick — but not so thick that you can't pour it. This texture will lend itself perfectly to the dipping technique.

Once you've dipped your cookies in this texturally-balanced icing, you should pay attention to its consistency. Cookies that have just been iced haven't had enough time for the icing to set. So, once you're done dipping, set your cookies on a wire rack. Roughly 30 minutes should be enough to do the job. Without this waiting period, your icing will be too runny.

After your topping has solidified, you're good to go — and your cookies are ready-to-eat. Of course, if you'd rather forgo icing altogether, you can add another sugary bonus to your oatmeal-heavy batch. Try rolling your cookies directly into powdered sugar for a similar burst of sweetness. When it comes to cookies, a sugary topping is always a plus.