The Aluminum Foil Tip For Cooking Kebabs With Delicate Produce

Barbecued veggie kebabs serve as a delicious side with grilled meats or a scrumptious main all on their own. But the problem is that delicate fruits and vegetables don't cope well with the fierce heat of a blazing grill that has hot spots.

Failing to keep a vigilant eye on your skewered slices of zucchini, wedges of red onion, chunks of eggplant, and juicy tomatoes can turn them from deliciously charred to unsalvageably crisp in seconds, ruining your hard work and scuppering your plans to score an "A" for perfect presentation. The absolute worst thing is when the kebabs are scorched so much that they fall apart, drop through the grates onto the hot coals below, and are burnt to a cinder, which is particularly disheartening when you've spent time prepping, chopping, and skewering them onto bamboo sticks.

The good news is that an unassuming piece of aluminum foil, torn straight from the roll in your kitchen drawer, can help eliminate this problem for good. The foil cleverly dampens down the ferocious heat of a super-hot barbecue, making it easier to prepare and enjoy delicate produce without the fear of it burning or falling through the grates. It's such a simple and effective technique that once you've tried it, there'll be no going back. Just lay a sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil on the grill and place your prepped vegetable or fruit kebabs on top to protect them from the direct heat of the coals.

How to use aluminum foil to cook vegetable and fruit kebabs

Turn your kebabs on the foil regularly to achieve balanced grilling and an even cook on all sides. Your delicate pineapple chunks, bell peppers, and onions will still cook through without touching the metal grates of your barbecue because the foil will conduct the heat from below. Your kebabs are also less likely to burn at the edges or fall to pieces as they soften because they won't be facing the aggressively fierce heat of a grill that's going at full blast. The aluminum foil acts as an extra bit of insurance too, guaranteeing that your kebabs will never fall onto the coals even if they do accidentally overcook. They'll remain intact, without any singed or burnt areas, making it easier to remove them from the barbecue and serve beautifully whole on their sticks or skewers.

With this simple technique, your fruit and vegetable kebabs will still benefit from the appetizing charcoal aroma that comes with outdoor grilling, even if they haven't developed a darkly charred color on their surface. The delicious barbecue scent will infuse into the kebabs without them becoming overly crisp and burnt. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and grill those tender veggies.