Swap The Tomato With Peach For A Sweeter, Juicier BLT Experience

Peaches are a favorite summer fruit, and when they're ripe and in season they're perfect for desserts and sweet treats of all sorts. But have you thought of pairing them with something savory for a delicious balance of flavors? Sweet and salty is a classic combo for a reason. One creative way to play with this flavor combo: Skip the tomatoes on your BLT and opt for peaches instead. The crispy, salty, fatty bacon is the perfect companion for juicy peaches. The sandwich will have a more noticeable contrast of flavors, making it a great swap for this classic sandwich.

A dish like this is meant to highlight summer's bounty, so look for the freshest produce you can find, including crisp greens to top the sandwich off. You'll be rewarded with a juicy, sweet, and savory sandwich that tastes just like late summer should.

How to spice up your BLP

Peaches make a fun substitution for tomatoes on a sandwich for a lot of reasons, but the flavors and textures will ultimately differ some. So get creative with how you prepare the sandwich and what other ingredients you choose to use. Peaches are sturdier than tomatoes, so try grilling them before slicing them for the sandwich for some added depth. If you don't have a grill, a quick broil does the trick, too. Add a pinch of brown sugar or drizzle of hot honey to get some caramelization. You might also want to balance the sweetness of the peaches with more than just bacon. Peppery arugula makes a nice addition instead of iceberg lettuce since it packs more of a punch.

You can also keep it classic or get creative when it comes to sauces and spreads. Mayo on its own works well with this fruity combination, but you can also try adding extra herbs or spices to mix it up. Basil is always delicious when paired with peaches or add a little heat with some Sriracha mayo or another hot sauce to help cut the sweetness a little. Vinegar is another option to bring some balance with acidity. Balsamic will play up the sweetness of the peaches while still offering a punch of acid, or try a white wine vinegar dressing on the greens.