Switch Up Deviled Eggs With The Unique Addition Of Canned Tuna

Deviled eggs are a great high-protein appetizer or snack and a welcome addition to any potluck, picnic, or holiday table. If you're looking for a new way to enjoy them, try this twist — fold in the salty punch of canned tuna to the creamy egg yolk filling next time. The meaty tuna flakes will add texture and umami flavor to the classic recipe. Tuna-stuffed eggs happen to be one of Spain's favorite tapas, and we're betting you already have the ingredients.

Deviled egg filling and tuna salad already share many of the same ingredients, making them a natural mix and match for tuna-stuffed eggs. Mayonnaise, mustard, and a hint of acidity make up the tangy base for this combination, lightly seasoned with spices to let the tuna flavor shine through. You can customize these eggs with your favorite tuna salad ingredients or simply fold in high-quality tuna and let the rich flavor be the star.

Recipe for success

If you can find a high-quality Spanish oil-packed tuna, we recommend it for these deviled eggs, but water-packed tuna will work just fine. Choose your favorite mayonnaise and Dijon mustard rather than American yellow mustard if you want more spicy mustard flavor. You can add finely diced celery for crunch, tangy pickle relish for acidity, and, if you want to stay on the devilish side, a pinch of smoked Spanish paprika. Be sure to taste before adding salt, as the tuna might provide plenty of seasoning. Simply cut hard-cooked eggs in half, scoop out the yolks, and break them up with a fork. Add the ingredients you've selected and use a light hand mixing them together. Scoop generously into the waiting egg whites and dust with paprika or chopped herbs.

And if you're rusty on how best to boil eggs, the most common mistake folks make is getting them over-hard. Overcooked yolks have an unwelcome sulfur taste and green tinge, and the whites will be tough and rubbery, but perfectly cooked eggs will have tender whites and bright yellow fluffy yolks.