A Combination Of Textures Is The Key To Elevating Any Sandwich

Ever gone to dive into a tasty sandwich and decided at the last minute to slap some of your potato chips on there? You're not alone. That added crunch somehow makes any sandwich taste better. That's because when it comes to making a good meal out of things stuffed between slices of bread, the texture is everything. Sandwiches in general are all about layers, from the bread to the fillings. And if those layers have a variety of textures within them, it'll make that sandwich that much tastier.

Think about the components in a sandwich and what makes them distinct in texture, and then try to layer a nice mixture of varying textures and flavors. If you've got lots of crisp and crunchy vegetables like cucumber and carrots inside your sandwich, then soft fresh bread will be a nice contrast. But if you're making something like a Reuben, with warm meat and soft, juicy sauerkraut, you need that crunch to come from the bread instead of the filling, so pop the slices in the toaster before assembling. Sandwich options are nearly endless when it comes to ingredients, so don't be afraid to get creative with layering for a flavorful variety of textures in every bite.

How to add more texture to your sandwich

As with any dish, you want to think about balance, whether that's in flavor or texture. You don't want all warm and soft but you don't want all crunch either. Softer textures can come from un-toasted bread, melted cheese, sauces, and even fresh ingredients like tomatoes. To balance the softness, try slices of cucumber or a pile of clover sprouts for a crisp and crunchy bite. In addition, creamy spreads and sauces, like mayo and mustard, can help balance the crispness of uncooked vegetables.

Another great way to help get an ideal texture in your sandwich is to consider not just whether you should toast your bread, but what kind of bread to use in the first place. Pre-sliced wheat bread is going to be softer and denser, but if you want crisp, airy, and light, try a fresh baked baguette; you'll get all that flaky, crispy chewiness on the crust, and soft and light on the inside. And no matter what you do, no one will judge you if you still want to add a layer of salty, crunchy potato chips just for fun.