The Starbucks Tip To Get A Custom Grind On Coffee Beans

No matter what kind of coffee you're drinking, it's always going to taste better when it's ground fresh and brewed properly. And if you drink Starbucks beans at home, you don't have to worry about having a grinder on hand. You can swing into any Starbucks and they'll grind their beans for you — even if you got them at another store or at your local grocery. 

There are a couple of requirements to get this free grind. They must be Starbucks beans; don't try asking them to grind beans from your local roaster. The beans also must be unopened. If you show up with a half-used or expired bag of beans, they won't be able to help. But as long as you show up with a fresh new bag of Starbucks beans, you can request any type of grind you need for brewing at home. Plus, you can do this in person, or you can order fresh ground beans directly through the app — just be sure you know which size grind to select to ensure a proper brew.

If you're unsure of what grind to select, telling the barista what type of coffee maker you have will help. But it's also helpful for any coffee drinker to know the differences and what they need for their coffee maker.

How to get the right grind for your coffee

Coffee grinders can pummel your beans into anything from fine powder to coarse and chunky bits, and each grind size is meant for a specific type of brewing. Fine grinds are typically used for espresso made in espresso machines. As the grind size goes up, you get to a fine grind that's not quite as fine as espresso. That can be used for at-home handheld espresso makers, like stovetop espresso pots, or unique brewers like Aeropress. On the other end of the spectrum, you have coarse ground coffee, which is ideal for French press brewing.

Medium grinds are generally used for any drip coffee maker, whether that's an electric coffee pot or a pour-over. The grind size will differ slightly depending on whether it's a flat-bottom or conical brewer but will be overall similar. If you're unsure of exactly what grind to get, Starbucks' universal grind is a medium grind that works with most electric drip coffee pots.

Whatever grind you need, ensuring it's the right one for your coffee maker will make for a better brew overall. An overly fine grind can make for bitter, over-extracted coffee, while too coarse of a grind often results in a weak brew. So be sure to ask your Starbucks barista or make sure you make the right selection in the app before having your beans freshly ground.