You're Missing Out If You're Not Adding Fried Eggs To BLTs

The BLT is a classic — lovers of the sandwich would be quick to argue that a good sandwich really doesn't need anything other than the three titular ingredients of bacon, lettuce and tomato (and maybe their favorite condiment). But it's good for even the most ardent traditionalists to branch out and try new things, including a new ingredient on the beloved BLT. One item that will seriously change your BLT game? Fried egg.

If you choose to add a fried egg onto your BLT, then you will be more than pleased with what it has to offer the classic sandwich. First and foremost, the runnyness from the yolk of a sunny side up style egg will give the BLT a new and interesting texture, as well as giving it that eggy flavor that is perfect for a BLT. As we already know, eggs and bacon go together quite well. But the egg you add to your BLT can take on many forms, and it doesn't have to be a runny, sunny side up style addition.

You can prepare your fried egg to your liking

If you're not a fan of the runny yolk, or maybe you don't like it too runny, then you can just as easily adjust the way that the egg is cooked to your liking and still add it to your BLT. Maybe you want it over medium in order to get a little bit of runnyness but not so much that the dripping yolk will overpower the other flavors (or drip all over your hand). If you want to avoid the runny yolk all together, you can also make your egg over hard to . In this case, you won't get any dripping yolk, but you'll still get that nice egg flavor to ensure that each bite of your BLT is a little bit heartier and fuller.

Additionally, you can choose to forgo the fried egg style entirely and opt instead for a scrambled egg. This would be the perfect choice if you're looking to have a BLT for breakfast, as the addition of the scrambled egg will give you a sandwich that would fit perfectly on any restaurant breakfast menu.