The Simple Toasting Trick To Prevent Soggy Sandwiches

If you're the type of person who loves to slather their sandwich with a spread or sauce, then you know the pain of a soggy sandwich. The same mayonnaise or Italian dressing that made your sandwich delicious can also turn your bread into a mushy sponge, and it just might drip all the way down your hands and onto your lap. While it might seem like the only solution to this messy problem is to cut back on the sauce and suffer through a dry, disappointing meal, fret not, because there's a trick to keeping your sandwich bread nice and crisp: All you need to do is toast one side.

Before you start constructing your sandwich, toss your bread into a pan on a stove set to medium heat. If you have non-stick cookware, you don't need any oil, but if you do need to grease your pan, just use a tiny bit so your bread stays dry. Toast one side of your bread for a minute or two, then start building your sandwich so the toasted sides are facing each other. This one-sided toasting trick works twofold — it will keep your sandwich from getting soggy, while also protect your mouth from getting roughed up from the dry, crusty bread. 

Toast one side of your bread to keep your sandwich crunchy

Creating a crusty barrier will help stop liquids from seeping into the bread, which is perfect for recipes that require a lot of saucy elements. The toasted sides also provide a nice, smooth surface on which to apply your condiments. This hack works for all sorts of sandwiches, from classics like ham and cheese to more unique fare.

Toasting one side of your bread can also help maintain the texture of your sandwiches on-the-go, and you can further the results with a little extra prep work. When packing a sandwich for a picnic or road trip, go ahead and toast your bread and assemble the ingredients like you normally would, but hold off on the sauce. Instead, pour a little of your chosen condiment into a small plastic container. You could also utilize any extra sauce packets you've collected from takeout food. Applying a spread to the toasted sandwich bread right before you dig in will maximize the crispy results.

No matter what type of bread you're using for your sandwich, tossing it in a skillet for a couple minutes beforehand is a great way to elevate the final result. Whether you're making a PB&J or a tuna sandwich, toasting one side of the bread will lead to a scrumptious bite, and may even save you a buck or two on napkins.