Anthony Bourdain's Favorite NYC Pizza Spot Is A Brooklyn Institution

The late Anthony Bourdain was always open about which restaurants and chefs he was a fan of — and the seal of approval from Bourdain could easily become a selling point for these restaurants. He was well-versed in fine dining, but he could also appreciate more casual dishes — including a good slice of pizza. And just like everyone else, Bourdain was well aware that New York City is home to some of the best pizza — so which NYC pizza joint was his favorite?

Bourdain was a fan of Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, which was opened in 1965 by Italian immigrant Domenico De Marco. Even after all of these years, Di Fara touts itself as a family-run affair. And what did Bourdain have to say about Di Fara? He called it "the best of the best." Naturally, Di Fara has Bourdain's statement listed on its website.

So if you want to follow in Bourdain's footsteps and check out Di Fara next time you're in New York — or, if you live in New York, next time you're in Brooklyn — then what should you expect? Well, Di Fara isn't your average pizza joint.

Di Fara is expensive — but authentic

The Di Fara menu is very customizable, as you pick your base and then choose the toppings you want one by one. This is where you might become hesitant: the prices are high. A pizza starts at $30 for a "regular pie" and $32 for a "white pie," then each "traditional" topping (such as pepperoni, sausage, or onions) is an added $2 apiece while each "speciality" topping (such as prosciutto or roasted peppers) is an added $3 apiece. You can buy by the slice, starting at $5 (you also have to pay extra to add toppings). It's certainly pricey and may lead you to rethink your decision to eat at Di Fara. However, the restaurant's quality is authentic.

Founder Domenico De Marco was the only chef who made the pizzas until his death in 2022— and considering he was perfecting his craft for decades, you can certainly expect a well-made pizza from Di Fara thanks to the recipes and techniques he passed down. Further, Di Fara gets its ingredients imported from Italy, so you're genuinely getting authentic Italian pizza every time. It's no wonder that the restaurant is known for having long lines in spite of the high prices. In addition to Bourdain's high praise, the place has gotten plenty of compliments from customers. Take one look at Yelp, where Di Fara has racked up nearly 4,000 reviews, leading to its four out of five-star rating.