The Most Popular Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles, Ranked

Sushi tends to be a foodie favorite, and in Los Angeles, finding a solid sushi spot isn't hard. Its prime location along the coast ensures that fresh seafood is always an option, and you'll find top-notch sushi all the way from Santa Monica to Silverlake. Whether you're seeking a hole-in-the-wall sushi place that serves fairly-priced nigiri or an upscale omakase experience that includes 17 courses and a sake pairing, Los Angeles has it all. While there's nothing wrong with favoring more Americanized sushi rolls that pack on the spicy mayo and eel sauce, LA is a culinary destination that showcases some of the most authentic and traditional cuisines from around the globe.

That said, if you're looking to branch out from your standard California roll and see what all of the hype is about, you're in luck! We've rounded up the 20 most popular sushi restaurants in LA that are known for serving up quality bites and unforgettable experiences.

20. Sushi Sasabune

Despite being around for more than multiple decades, Sushi Sasabune has remained relatively low-key while winning over locals seeking quality sushi takeout. Though Sushi Sasabune was one of the first restaurants to bring omakase dining to LA, it still manages to fly under the radar. That said, as the loyal list of regulars will assure you, Sushi Sasabune is well worth checking out. The nigiri is utterly fresh and a the portion size of each slice of fish is very generous. 

The chef's choice sushi box is a great option for people seeking a quick yet elevated lunch and is available from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you're hoping to have a nice dinner at home, the chef's choice sushi box can also be ordered Monday through Saturday from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

19. The Brother's Sushi

The Brother's Sushi is a Michelin Guide restaurant that first opened in Woodland Hills in 2018. Though Woodland Hills isn't the most popular area of LA, The Brother's Sushi quickly won the hearts of locals and nearby residents. The dry-aging process elevates the quality of its seasonal nigiri in both taste and texture. Guests are able to choose between a la carte ordering or one of the chef's choice omakase dinners.

If you're a fan of sake, you'll get to chat with the onsite sake advisor who is able to suggest the very best pairings for your meal. Though the Woodland Hills location is best known, there is also a second location in Santa Monica for Westsiders. Those who order a la carte shouldn't miss the Japanese dry-aged yellowtail and seared bluefin tuna tataki.

18. Q Sushi

Between its modern setting and diverse menu, Q Sushi has become one of the most visited sushi restaurants in Westlake Village. The majority of dishes are intended to be shared among a group, and if you're looking to imbibe, there are plenty of cocktails, wines, sakes, and beers to choose from. 

Most locals come for signature rolls, many of which boast bold flavors and creative ingredient combos. For example, the Fire Goddess roll with spicy albacore and spicy ponzu has the perfect amount of heat, while the Brussel Road combines Brussels sprouts with scallops, spicy tuna, and honey sriracha. If you're dining solo, the baked snow crab roll is a must, but the citrus salmon carpaccio is a light and zesty dish that is topped with decadent truffle salt.

17. Morihiro

Morihiro is an upscale sushi restaurant located in Atwater Village. If you're hoping to indulge in a true taste of Tokyo without leaving Los Angeles, Morihiro is the place to go. However, since it is a bit far from the more central neighborhoods of LA, it is often overlooked in favor of Beverly Hills and Hollywood hotspots. That said, Morihiro does have a Michelin star proving that it is definitely worth the trek across town.

The menu changes seasonally, so patrons can always expect fresh and innovative new dishes and take on Japanese classics. There are different omakase menus depending on if you sit at the sushi counter or a table, and you can also order a sake pairing upon request. Though sushi is obviously the highlight of any meal at Morihiro, the fresh and fruity dessert course always manages to impress.

16. Hama Sushi Venice

Not to be confused with the Hama Sushi in Little Tokyo, Hama Sushi in Venice has been around since 1979. This Westside staple is the perfect place to enjoy sushi near the beach, and you'll find that there are plenty of loyal regulars who make their way to Hama sushi on a weekly basis. Though Hama Sushi isn't open for lunch, it does open at 4:00 p.m. every day except Sunday, making it a wonderful spot for an early and light dinner.

Best of all, since Hama Sushi is only a block from the Venice Boardwalk, you can hit the beach right after (or before) your meal. Pair your meal with a crisp glass of orange wine and don't forget to order the Green Devil roll if you're a fan of spice.

15. Katana

Katana is a modern sushi restaurant that sits right above Sunset Boulevard. This romantic setting and upscale menu make Katana one of the best date night spots in West Hollywood. From fresh sashimi to rolls, Katana puts a contemporary twist on sushi classics. Though it's not the most popular sushi spot in LA, it's a consistent favorite for locals seeking sweet cocktails and creative rolls.

The Gensai roll is a spicy creation that uses fresh salmon, while the White Lotus roll is a decadent choice topped with crispy onions and wasabi truffle soy. The tuna carpaccio and truffle-topped toro are both must-order cold dishes, but if you're not a fan of tuna, opt for the serrano and yellowtail sashimi. The grilled meats and veggies are also worth ordering after you've wrapped up the sushi courses.

14. Koi Restaurant

Koi Restaurant has been a trendy favorite since it first opened in 2002. However, Koi recently relocated to a new spot on La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood, providing guests with a new and fresh ambiance to match the elevated menu. When it comes to rolls, the She's So LA roll is a must-order that is topped with gold leaves, making it just as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious.

The raw items in the shared plates section of the menu are also very popular, and you don't want to skip on the salmon carpaccio with black truffle. However, the ultimate combo comes from dipping the warm, baked crab roll in the rich ponzu sauce from the salmon carpaccio. If you're in the mood for some cooked bites, the lobster tacos and filet mignon crispy rice are grade-A picks.

13. Sushi Ginza Onodera

Boasting two Michelin stars, Sushi Ginza Onodera is one of the best sushi spots for an elevated and unforgettable dinner. All of the fish used for the Edomae-style sushi is imported from the Toyosu Fish Market, and the quality and taste are virtually unbeatable. Though many locals and foodies have heard of Sushi Ginza Onodera, its exclusivity and high price point make it less accessible to the average Angeleno. In fact, the seasonal omakase menu is $400 per person, at the time of publication, so expect to spend a pretty penny when dining here.

That said, everything from the traditional sushi bar setting to the freshness of the fish results in a truly special dinner that rivals many of the most popular and talked about sushi spots in LA.

12. Noma Sushi

Looking for a more hole-in-the-wall sushi spot on the Westside? Noma Sushi is a locally loved sushi restaurant in Santa Monica. This Wilshire Boulevard eatery is definitely on the smaller side, but the cozy atmosphere makes you feel right at home. If you visit during dinner, grab a seat at the sushi bar and watch the chefs work their magic right in front of you. Despite the fact that Noma isn't as famous as places like Leona's or Sugarfish, you'll always find it busy with locals.

The prices are fair and the quality is high, and while the rolls are always a treat, the nigiri here is some of the best in the area. The pieces are large and beyond fresh, making Noma a solid spot for a sushi lunch or dinner of nigiri, sashimi, and sake.

11. Echigo Sushi

Echigo Sushi on Santa Monica Boulevard has gained a loyal following thanks to its quality cuts of fish and reasonable pricing. There are even a couple of kids' nigiri options that are perfect for families looking to treat everyone to a healthy and high-quality meal without breaking the bank. The featured fish changes daily, so freshness is always guaranteed. In addition to standard nigiri offerings, Echigo Sushi also serves things like tekka don, which is a filling tuna bowl served alongside a seaweed salad and savory miso soup.

If you prefer cooked over raw, the una don bowl with eel is a great option. That said, the most popular deal at Echigo Sushi is the hand roll set and large beer combo that comes with three handrolls of your choice along with a crisp Sapporo, Asahi, or Kirin.

10. Shin Sushi

One Michelin-star Shin Sushi might be located in an unassuming part of Encino, but the elevated eatery is one of the best for good reason. Shin Sushi is open every day (except Monday) from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Though the restaurant maintains a laid-back approach, the nigiri is some of the most delicate yet decadent that you'll find. Though it might seem strange to dine alone at a Michelin-starred restaurant, Shin Sushi avoids the uppity or isolating atmosphere, and chef Taketoshi Azumi goes out of his way to make each guest feel right at home.

In addition to fresh fish, Shin Sushi also creates more one-of-a-kind creations using bundles of chives and bonito flakes. The plating is simple yet beautiful, and one visit will have you pining for more.

9. Nozawa Bar

If you're a fan of Sugarfish but want to indulge in a more exclusive and elevated sushi dinner, book a reservation at Nozawa Bar. The omakase dinner at Nozawa Bar is rooted in tradition, and you'll definitely want to arrive hungry. The LA fish market offerings are what dictate the menu each morning, meaning that diners are always in for a surprise. Since the setting is very intimate, there is a sense of community and comradery when dining at Nozawa Bar as each course is served to guests in synchronicity.

Since an experience at Nozawa Bar is so meticulously planned, reservations are required, and you'll usually have to book pretty far out in advance. This Beverly Hills staple is also pretty pricy, and dinner costs $225 per person, at the time of publication.

8. Sushi Gen

Whether you're visiting for lunch or dinner, Sushi Gen is a beloved sushi restaurant that keeps things simple and classic. Sushi Gen has been a Downtown LA favorite since 1980, and thanks to its consistency and devotion to tradition, it has remained a top pick for locals and visitors alike. Dining during lunch means getting a pretty solid deal, as the sashimi lunch with rice only costs $23, at the time of publication, and even the sushi deluxe combo costs a mere $28.

Though prices rise during dinner, they are still pretty low when compared to other sushi restaurants in the area. Sushi Gen makes it a priority to not skimp on quality. Sushi Gen is also the perfect place to try something completely new, and the a la carte sushi section features more off-the-beaten-path offerings like geoduck, abalone, and herring roe.

7. Leona's Sushi House

Leona's is a Studio City staple that brings fresh sushi and creative rolls to the valley. The elevated patio is complete with a cozy fireplace and sleek seating, making Leona's an ideal place for a special date night or gathering with girlfriends. Leona's is open every day of the week, both for lunch and dinner. One of the coolest things about Leona's is the unique and diverse menu that extends far beyond traditional sushi.

Start your meal with Leona's shiso-wrapped halibut or truffle butter edamame before diving into some nigiri and handrolls. The omakase menu is priced based on what is served, and each course is carefully selected by chef Fujimoto. Should you choose to order a la carte, don't skip the albacore ceviche.

6. n/soto

The restaurant n/soto first came to be during the COVID-19 pandemic. This inventive and one-of-a-kind sushi restaurant is only open Wednesday through Sunday from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Getting a reservation can be pretty difficult, and all time slots are released 30 days in advance on Resy. That said, n/soto does save a few spots for walk-ins looking to pop in and sit at the bar. 

The black edamame is a light starter that never gets old, but the warm house-made tofu is a must-order. Use the cucumber and wakame salad as a palate cleanser before starting on the raw dishes. From kanpachi sashimi to uni nigiri, the menu at n/soto has something for every kind of sushi lover, and there are also plenty of cooked options as well.

5. Sushi Inaba

In need of a go-to sushi spot in Manhattan Beach? It doesn't get better than Sushi Inaba. There's no denying that Sushi Inaba is the most coveted sushi spot in the area, and if you want to snag a spot, you'll have to make reservations at least a month in advance. There is only one menu available and it costs $280 per person, at the time of publication, making Sushi Inaba a very high-end spot that pulls out all the stops. It is imperative to arrive on time as all guests for each service are seated at the same time, and late attendees run the risk of missing early courses since everything is organized immaculately.

Though Sushi Inaba serves both beer and sake, patrons are also allowed to bring in their own bottles of wine or sake for a corkage fee.

4. Sushi Tsujita

Located in Sawtelle, Sushi Tsujita is one of the most locally-loved places for omakase sushi in West LA. The modern and geometric decor creates an immersive scene that allows patrons to be enticed by each and every sense as they try a variety of nigiri. Sushi Tsujita is owned by the same masterminds behind Tsujita Artisan Noodle, one of the most popular ramen spots in the city. You can typically expect to find a full house throughout the week.

The prices are on the higher side, but the quality of the food is worth the splurge. The nigiri is what Sushi Tsujita is best known for, but chirashi bowls are a more affordable yet equally as tasty option that devoted diners have fallen in love with.

3. Nobu Malibu

Between its prime location, scenic setting, and legendary bites, Nobu is more than deserving of its place as number three on our list. From the ocean views to the abundant celebrity sightings, Nobu is well worth the drive to Malibu for a special sushi dinner at sunset. Start off with the legendary lychee martini before diving into some of Nobu's most iconic and beloved creations. 

Some highlights from the cold dishes include the new-style sashimi, monkfish pate with caviar, and tuna crispy rice. The nigiri at Nobu always manages to satisfy, so if you like no-fuss, classic sushi, order an array of nigiri for the table to share. There are also some great cooked dishes to explore like creamy, spicy snow crab and Wagyu tacos.

2. Sushi by Scratch

Sushi by Scratch takes diners on a one-of-a-kind omakase journey in Encino. With only 10 seats in the whole restaurant, dining at Sushi by Scratch is an incredibly intimate and exclusive experience. After sitting down at the sushi bar, 17 creative courses are served back to back. Each course features one piece of nigiri that has been artfully prepared and flavored to perfection. There is no need for soy sauce here, and many of the courses like the uni and bone marrow bites need to be consumed immediately upon serving.

Since dinner at Sushi by Scratch is $165 per person, at the time of publication, it might not be the kind of place that you'll visit on a weekly or even monthly basis, but it has become one of the most talked about places for a special omakase experience.

1. Sugarfish

If you haven't had an iconic to-go sushi box from Sugarfish, are you even an LA local? Sugarfish by Nozawa has become one of the most popular and celebrity-loved sushi chains in the city. There are Sugarfish locations all over Los Angeles, and you'll be able to get your fix whether you're in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica.

Though dining in is always the freshest option, Sugarfish is even more popular for takeout, and the aesthetic to-go boxes have managed to impress the likes of Hollywood's most elite players. While there are a few different to-go box options to choose from, you can also order a la carte for a more customized experience. If you're ordering for one person, the "Trust Me Box" should be enough. If you're hoping to share, go for the "Don't Think. Just Eat. Trust Me" box.