The One Meal Course That Anthony Bourdain Could've Lived Without

If you know anything about the late chef Anthony Bourdain, you know he had a taste for a wide array of foods — he could enjoy a simple slice of pizza as much as a fine dining experience. But there is one meal course that he wasn't so fond of: dessert.

In his 2016 book, "Appetites: A Cookbook," in the dessert section, Bourdain confesses that he isn't so fond of the sweet stuff. He wrote, "I like dessert just fine. But if I had to live without one course for the rest of my life, dessert would be the one to go." The chef went on to explain that part of the reason for his aversion is the fact that he was never able to master the art of making pastries. But more than anything, he just doesn't have enough of a sweet tooth.

There were a few exceptions to the rule

In "Appetites," Bourdain conceded that he does enjoy something sweet, usually chocolate, from time to time after finishing dinner. But, what he really wants in place of dessert is cheese paired with a port (a dessert wine, so he isn't totally against the dessert category. In the book, Bourdain wrote, "Cheese is magic. The cheese course, irreplaceable ... Not just any cheese will do. What I want after a good meal is that king of cheeses: Stilton. And I would like some good port with that."

Besides cheese, there is another dessert that he would say that he has affection for — mostly due to its sentimental value. In an interview with Thrillist, when asked about his favorite dessert, Bourdain said, "There's some from my childhood that, of course, I have a grip on. You know, my mom's creme caramel." Still, in the interview, he specified, once again, that he could easily go without dessert.