Flavorful Dill Sauce Only Requires A Few Key Ingredients

Creamy dill sauce is a great addition to a wide variety of dishes from fresh fish to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean-inspired meals. It enhances the flavor and freshness of a dish with nothing more than a drizzle, and the best thing about it is how simple and easy it is to make. There are countless recipes for specific dill sauces and what to pair them with, but the reality is that even without a set recipe, as long as you have the right components, you can make this sauce on the fly.

In order to make a good dill sauce, you'll of course want some dill. This is the primary flavor of the sauce, so use high-quality fresh dill if you can, though dried works in a pinch. The base of the sauce is typically a creamy agent, and then it's lightened up and thinned out a little with another liquid, whether that's something acidic like lemon juice, or even just a splash of water. Lastly, you'll want some seasoning. You can keep it simple with just some salt to taste, or you can add a variety of other spices, herbs, and other things to give more flavor to your sauce. Once you've got those basic ingredients, let your creativity in the kitchen take control and you'll be able to make the perfect dill sauce to pair with any dish or snack.

Creative ingredients for dill sauce

For something simple and tangy — or a unique showstopper of a sauce — your base ingredients can vary. You can use sour cream or Greek yogurt, or even crème fraîche if you're feeling fancy. You can always opt for a dairy-free base, too. Each of these will bring a slightly different flavor and texture to the sauce, so pick the one you love, what pairs best with your dish, or even just what's already in your fridge. Lemon, or some sort of acidic ingredient, is always great to add because it balances the heaviness of your creamy base. That, along with the bright herby flavor of fresh dill is what makes this sauce so tasty and versatile.

You've got the freedom to add various additional seasonings and spices to your dish, whether that's a simple crack of black pepper, cucumber, or a generous pinch of za'atar spices. Whatever seasonings you decide to go with, remember that dill should still be the highlight. You can make that dill more or less prominent to your liking, just remember not to mask it completely by adding too many other overpowering ingredients. Play around with consistency, whether you want a nice dollop or a thin drizzle by adding more or less liquid, and you've got a sauce to pair with whatever you please.