Why It's Better To Start With Frozen Cheese For The Air Fryer

Have you ever thought of putting cheese in your air fryer, only to worry it would end in a gooey mess stuck to your appliance's insides? You're not alone. When it's at room temperature or in a refrigerated state, it melts quickly under heat. In an air fryer, items like cheddar will melt before it has time to get crispy. However, with a simple tweak in your preparation method, you can convert that fear into a delectable reality. The solution lies in using frozen cheese.

Frozen dairy products don't merely melt under the intense heat of an air fryer. Instead, they go through a two-step transformation. Initially, the low temperature keeps the cheese solid as the outside begins to crisp. Then, as the internal temperature rises, items like provolone start to melt, but now it's encased in a crispy shell, preventing it from sticking to your appliance. The result? Beautifully golden, crunchy cheese bites that are a delightful snack or an intriguing addition to a variety of dishes.

Air fryer dishes to make with frozen cheese

There are plenty of other ways to incorporate dishes featuring frozen cheese into how you use your air fryer. While you can toss frozen mozzarella sticks or homemade arancini balls into an air fryer, there are more ways to get creative. Many of your favorite cheesy microwavable snacks can be cooked, often with better, crispier results in the air fryer. For example, try popping pizza bites and pizza bagels into the air fryer. Other frozen foods that would work well include hot pockets, chicken enchiladas, and pre-made ravioli. 

However, it's also important to remember that while this kind of frozen dairy product is a game-changer for air fryer usage, the freeze-thaw process can change the cheese's texture. It's best to cook and use only as much of the frozen food as you plan to eat. Attempting to reheat will only cause the texture to deteriorate. With this simple trick, you can revolutionize your air fryer creations, one crunchy bite at a time.