NYC Hot Spot Bad Roman Hopes To Go Viral Again With New Brunch Menu

New restaurants are a dime a dozen in New York City, so it takes a lot to turn heads not once, but twice. Bad Roman is aiming to claim that prize. The Columbus Circle eatery created a buzz in February 2023, with industry pundits heralding it as an antidote following the dark days of quarantine dining and COVID-19 restaurant closures. It's kitschy, and a little reminiscent of Manhattan theme restaurants from the 1990s (Mars 2112, Official All Star Café), but stops shy of going too far, embodying what the New York Post described as "a jumbo feasting and partying scene for adults — without downtown chaos." The Instagram-worthy setting and food resonated with locals and visitors, creating a viral sensation.

Now, Bad Roman takes aim at the city's robust brunch community with a menu sure to set social media abuzz once again. Riffing off the tone it set with its Italian fusion dinner menu — twisty takes on Italian favorites — Bad Roman's new brunch features main dishes and shared plates like Nutella Fatti in Casa (housemade chocolate and hazelnut spread), Brioche French Toast (served with blueberry conserves, lemon cream, and pistachio) and Baked Eggs Alla Carbonara (which showcases La Quercia pancetta with caramelized onions). A few fan favorites from the restaurant's dinner menu — Roasted Garlic Babka, Spicy Gem Caesar, 'Roni Cups & Ranch, and Filetto Cacio e Pepe — show up on the new weekend menu and, since brunch can be a family event, there's a kids' menu with offerings like Cacio no Pepe and Chicken Parm Fingers.

A morning menu made for sharing

The new brunch beverage menu is certainly going to turn heads, potentially creating a new viral wave. The Teeny Bellini Tree (a shareable tower of white peach, grapefruit, and strawberry Bellinis) is buzz-worthy, as is the Martini Pepperoncini (Grey Goose, pepperoncini brine, and lemon zest), and even the kid-friendly Shirley Temple tree is so cute it's sure to garner attention.

Creating an Instagram-worthy space and presenting food in a surprising manner was part of the plan right from the start. The décor of the 300-seat venue with views of Central Park is anything but subtle. It's hard to resist snapping a picture of the neon-collared wild boar sculpture, let alone the whimsical lantern clusters and orange banquettes. 

Then, there's the food. Executive chef Nick Gaube explained to OpenTable at opening that the menu is "off base," and done so intentionally. "We try to be a different, fun, exciting type of restaurant," he said. [This is a place] to come and celebrate and have a good time." So far, so good. Bad Roman already went viral once. So, why not twice?