There's A Major Change Coming To Sweetgreen's Rewards Program

The American fast-casual restaurant Sweetgreen has been serving up salads, grain bowls, and warm plates crafted from locally sourced ingredients since 2007. While just months ago, the chain unveiled the Sweetpass, a two-tiered loyalty program that gives frequent customers incentives to return, according to Restaurant Business, the company is modifying the program by incorporating in-store purchases.

Until now, the Sweetpass and Sweetpass+ rewards systems were exclusively digital, meaning only customers who downloaded the app and made purchases made through it were eligible for earning credit and the redemption of rewards. However, since the launch of these programs, the company realized the need to offer its customers greater flexibility. And the revamp of the Sweetpass program is expected to see a rise in participation due to the expanded access. Ultimately, the latest amendment to the Sweetpass rewards program illustrates its commitment to customers and the willingness to adapt to their preferences.

What to know about Sweetpass

Members can expect to see these updates in the next few months, but until then, will have to make the most of the current programs. For those unfamiliar with them, Sweetpass is the free program that allows customers to accrue points for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for various benefits, including menu discounts. And Sweetpass+ is the $10 a month subscription program where customers receive all those features plus a $3 discount that can be newly applied every 12 hours for orders over $9.95, priority support, access to exclusive opportunities, and a commitment from the company that half of the initial membership fee will go to carbon reduction efforts.

Restaurant Business reports the chain has seen an increase in sales and traffic since launching the rewards program, despite an increase in menu prices. Though the chain has seen a dip in profits since these discounts began, Sweetgreen is betting on its customers eating there more often to get the most out of these programs.