Why Larger Ice Works Better For Big Batch Cocktails

If you're the type of person who likes to entertain, then you know a tasty beverage option is usually the difference between a good party and a great one. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your next dinner party or casual get-together is by offering up a big pitcher or punch bowl filled with a delicious cocktail. All you need is a suitable vessel, a recipe that works for a crowd, and a lot of ice. You may be tempted to buy a bag of crushed ice from the store, but when making big batch cocktails, it pays to make your own large ice blocks at home.

Using large blocks of ice rather than smaller cubes or crushed ice will ensure the ice melts slower and will therefore take longer to dilute the drink. That's why some bars will use large spheres or cubes of ice with drinks meant to be sipped and savored like an Old Fashioned or straight tequila. As ice melts, it causes the beverage to become watery, which can interfere significantly with the taste. Similarly, large ice will keep a big batch of cocktails cool while maintaining the integrity of the flavors.

Making large ice cubes is easy

The simplest way to prepare big ice blocks at home is to pour water into a plastic storage container and pop it in your freezer. Just make sure that the ice will actually fit in your drink receptacle. Keep in mind that the larger a chunk of ice is, the longer it will take to freeze, so it's a good idea to plan ahead and start freezing your ice a few days before you'll need it. It's also wise to wait until the batch of cocktails is ready to be poured into the pitcher or bowl before you add the ice. Adding the ice too early will increase the chance of diluting the beverage, and is just one mistake everyone makes with big batch cocktails.

Along with showing your guests how seriously you take your beverages, preparing these big ice chunks will keep everything cold much longer as the ice slowly melts. No one likes a watered down cocktail, so to keep your drinks at their most refreshing, remember that bigger is better when it comes to ice.