Does Starbucks Offer Only A Free Drink On Your Birthday?

Whether you're a caffeine lover or simply a fan of the world's largest coffeehouse chain, there's a chance you have at least considered signing up for the Starbucks Rewards program. Through this program, customers can earn Stars to redeem for free drinks, free refills, and other unexpected rewards. One of the most popular perks of signing up is probably the free item members can receive on their birthday. And if you're worried that this free item is limited to coffee, rest assured that the birthday rewards extend way past the drink menu.

Per the Starbucks Rewards terms of use, your free birthday item can include a handcrafted beverage, a food item, or a bottled beverage. In other words, you can choose any pastry, sandwich, or snack box your location has available, any bottled juice, water, or Frappuccino, as well as anything off the drink menu with no more than two customizations. The only things you wouldn't be able to get for free are drinks with alcohol and products like their mugs, tumblers, and bags of coffee grounds. If you have any reservations, it never hurts to ask your barista what is and isn't up for grabs.

How to get your free beverage or food item from Starbucks

There are a few things you'll need to take care of before you can cash in on your birthday rewards. First, you'll need to join the Starbucks Rewards program at least a week before your birthday. Part of signing up means filling out your account information, which of course should include your actual birthday. You will also have to buy at least one item that will earn you Stars, which means avoiding certain drinks.

Once your birthday rolls around, you should receive a coupon for your free item on your Starbucks app. You can apply your birthday rewards by placing an order through the app and redeeming the coupon there, or showing it to your barista so they can apply it in person. Alternatively, you can redeem your rewards with a registered Starbucks Card. All that's left is to choose your free item.

Grabbing a free drink or snack through the Starbucks Rewards program is a great way to make your birthday just a bit more special. This day is all about you, so embrace the options when choosing your complimentary treat.