Every Disney Steakhouse, Ranked

When it comes to enjoying a steak dinner at Disney parks around the world, Walt Disney World takes the lead regarding both quality and quantity of options. Although Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland offer a few savory options, the variety of steak experiences at Walt Disney World is undeniably impressive. From highly coveted Wagyu beef to uniquely themed experiences like the charming Bistrot Chez Remy in Paris, the Disney parks have something for every steak lover.

In ranking these restaurants, we considered several factors. Naturally, the taste of the steak itself was a primary concern, but we also valued the exclusivity and variety of the steaks available. Beyond the food, ambiance is crucial to any Disney dining experience. Whether you're dining in the grandeur of a luxury yacht or enjoying your meal within a whimsical setting straight out of an animated film, the atmosphere of a restaurant can elevate your dining experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

16. Paradiso 37 (Walt Disney World)

Surrounded by a multitude of eateries, Paradiso 37 stands out with its laid-back atmosphere and lively tequila bar. The service is occasionally inconsistent, but their appealing cocktails often make up for any shortcomings. Unlike many frequented Disney dining spots, this place isn't too overcrowded, offering a breather. However, the cost might feel excessive compared to the food's quality.

Among the limited steak choices, a robust skirt steak with onions and chimichurri, and a Philadelphia-inspired flatbread stand out. This flatbread merges grilled steak, onions, peppers, and cheese for a delightful taste fusion. However, the steak's quality sometimes disappoints. Despite a well-spiced surface, it's often tougher than expected.

Regarding uniqueness, the steak dishes, though thoughtfully conceived, lack the creativity to distinguish themselves from ordinary selections elsewhere. The shortage of steak dishes could also let down steak lovers. Although Paradiso 37 provides a comfortable dining atmosphere and enjoyable drinks, its steak offerings need more diversity and finesse.

15. Maya Grill (Walt Disney World)

Tucked away within the expansive Coronado Springs Resort, Maya Grill is reminiscent of a small-town Mexican eatery. Its menu features the Maya Grill Parrillada and Filete de Vaquero, serving up a hearty skirt steak and a robust ribeye fit for multiple diners. These are supplemented with enticing additions like glazed chicken, grilled shrimp, and fresh vegetables. However, solo diners aren't left out; the savory steak fajitas provide an individual, yet delectable, choice.

However, while the steak fajitas impress with their balance of flavors, the other steak dishes need help to stand up to their counterparts in other Disney restaurants. They need more punchy, vibrant flavors steak aficionados hope for. Moreover, the menu leaves something to be desired for steak enthusiasts, with a limited selection for individual diners. Overall, while the Maya Grill presents a charming dining experience with some tasty steak options, it's not the top recommendation for those seeking an exceptional steak-centric meal at Disney.

14. Silver Spur Steakhouse (Disneyland Paris)

Channeling the wild west's spirit, Silver Spur Steakhouse successfully marries the Frontierland theme with its saloon-like ambiance. Its open, vibrant dining room might get noisy, but that only enhances its cowboy-esque charm. 

When it comes to the steak options, Silver Spur offers a straightforward menu. You can opt for a flame-grilled beef flank steak topped with barbecue sauce, accompanied by either bacon, onions, or peppers. The steak is decent – a solid, primary offering, although somewhat overshadowed by the flavorful veggie accompaniments. While it fulfills your standard steak expectations, there are arguably superior steaks at Disneyland Paris.

In terms of exclusivity, the steakhouse doesn't bring much unique to the table, except perhaps the varying barbecue sauce options. Although these align well with the overall theming, they don't quite elevate the steak beyond the ordinary. Hence, while the Silver Spur Steakhouse delivers a fun, theme-immersive dining experience, those seeking a more distinctive or expansive steak selection might find the offerings somewhat limited.

13. Teppan Edo (Walt Disney World)

Teppan Edo is a Japanese steakhouse that blends dining with entertainment through its teppanyaki-style presentation, where meals are crafted expertly before your eyes. This element of spectacle adds a lively twist to your dining experience, even though the large tables might create a somewhat congested atmosphere.

The restaurant's steak offerings are ample, including a tender filet mignon, NY cut steak, and a Julianne steak. For an extravagant touch, a Japanese Wagyu strip can be added to your meal. However, while the steaks are agreeable, they fall more into the category of average rather than exceptional in flavor.

The Wagyu strip injects a touch of uniqueness into the steak selection, as it's not a commonly found delicacy in other Disney eateries. Yet, despite the diverse cuts, there's a clear lack of additional enhancements like a variety of sauces or dressings. Therefore, while Teppan Edo offers an engaging dining experience with its live cooking and reasonable steak assortment, those seeking a more refined steak adventure may find the menu somewhat sparse.

12. S.S. Columbia Dining Room (Tokyo DisneySea)

The S.S. Columbia Dining Room offers a dining experience that's as much about the ambiance as the food. Nestled within a ship docked at the port, the restaurant exudes the opulence of a luxury ocean liner, complete with shuffleboard markings on the deck. The dining room channels classic maritime elegance, adorned with plush decor, white tablecloths, and creatively delightful beverages.

The steak offerings, while sometimes in flux, occasionally include stellar options like Kuroge Wagyu Beef, served with a savory Morel Mushroom Sauce. These premium dishes, when available, deliver a fine dining steak experience, elevating the overall meal with their exquisite taste and superior quality. More common cuts, like roast beef, also make an appearance from time to time.

In terms of exclusivity, the occasional inclusion of Wagyu beef certainly raises the bar, offering a touch of luxury that isn't always readily available in other dining establishments. However, the limited steak options might leave some steak lovers wishing for a more diverse selection.

11. Capa Spanish Steakhouse (Walt Disney World)

Nestled within Disney World property at the Four Seasons, Capa Spanish Steakhouse, while not a Disney restaurant per se, offers an unparalleled dining experience that captures the magic of Disney. It boasts a rooftop dining setting with beautiful vistas from the outdoor terrace. This makes for a spectacular backdrop, especially with those delicious cocktail options and the late-night fireworks displays.

The steak options are indeed where Capa shines. From a New York Strip, prime filet, bone-in filet, porterhouse, and bone-in ribeye, there's plenty to please the discerning carnivore. The star of the grill section, however, is the A-5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef, which pushes the exclusivity factor up a notch.

Regarding taste, Capa impresses with its precise preparation and temperature control, although the seasoning could use a slight enhancement. The secret to a genuinely delectable bite lies in pairing the steak with their Patatas – whipped Yukon gold potatoes, a union that results in a flavorful culinary experience. Be sure to note that this is certainly a more expensive steakhouse option.

10. STK Orlando (Walt Disney World)

If you want an elevated steak experience, STK Orlando is a must-visit destination. This vibrant locale boasts a hip and lively atmosphere. However, note that the music can get loud, so if you prefer a quieter dining experience, request an outdoor table. Its broad selection of delicious cocktails and extensive wine list add further appeal, albeit at a premium price, making this restaurant an excellent choice for a special occasion.

When it comes to steak options, STK impresses with a substantial selection, including a tender filet, a hearty cowboy ribeye, and the super rare Dry-Aged Delmonico. Each steak is cooked to perfection and is incredibly tender. While the plating may lack a certain finesse with too much white space, the steak, seasoned simply with salt and pepper, is juicy and flavorful. 

As for exclusivity, the Dry-Aged Delmonico is a stand-out selection, underscoring the restaurant's premium offering. We also recommend adding the signature butter, which comes with truffle, lobster, or Wagyu umami toppings and is sure to elevate any steak selection.

9. The Steakhouse (Disneyland Paris)

Within the Disneyland Village in Disneyland Paris, akin to Walt Disney World's Disney Springs, The Steakhouse transports its guests to the heart of Chicago. High ceilings, pictures of famous Chicago figures, and wine-lined walkways create an atmosphere of American nostalgia within the heart of Paris. The tantalizing aroma of grilling steaks further enhances this unique dining experience.

The Steakhouse presents a traditional selection of steaks. Options include the t-bone, beef tenderloin, ribeye, steak tartare, and skirt steak, offering something to cater to every steak lover's palate. In terms of taste, The Steakhouse does a commendable job, surpassing the offerings at Silver Spur and coming close to the levels of Chez Remy. While Disneyland Paris steak may not hit the extraordinary heights of some other Parisian steaks, improvements in tenderness could enhance the overall taste experience.

A standout among the steak offerings is the Steak Tartare, which presents a unique delicacy for American steak lovers and contributes to the exclusivity of The Steakhouse's offerings. Coupled with its delightful Chicago-inspired ambiance, it provides a dining experience that merges Americana with Parisian charm.

8. Le Cellier Steakhouse (Walt Disney World)

Le Cellier Steakhouse, tucked within the Canada pavilion at Walt Disney World, is often a top-of-mind steakhouse for many vacationers. The restaurant is subtly situated beneath the pavilion's bustling activity, adding a distinctive charm and creating a feeling of being in a cellar – true to its name. While this novelty adds to the ambiance, some might find it too enclosed.

For the steak options, you can choose from a prime New York strip steak, sirloin, filet mignon, and ribeye. These steaks are expertly cooked, but in terms of exclusivity, the steaks are reasonably standard, but the delicious accompaniments, such as onion-coconut gravy or truffle butter sauce, really elevate the dining experience.

Variety at Le Cellier goes beyond the steak options. You will find diverse appetizers and sides to accompany your main course. Notably, the menu features a whole section dedicated to poutine – a delightfully quirky addition that, in our opinion, complements any steak meal perfectly.

7. Steakhouse 71 (Walt Disney World)

Steakhouse 71, situated on the ground floor of Walt Disney World's Contemporary Resort, honors the park's 1971 opening, showcasing a unique '70s mod aesthetic. Upon arrival, you're welcomed by images from the park's inaugural day, echoing the original excitement of Walt Disney World's debut. While the main dining area is open, edging on a cafeteria style, its unique design elements foster a vibrant and chic atmosphere.

In terms of steak, Steakhouse 71 delivers choices ranging from tenderloin medallions, a New York strip, a bone-in rib chop, filet mignon, top sirloin steak, and a prime rib and Yorkshire pudding combo. Accompaniments, including mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and creamed spinach, enhance the meal. While a Steakhouse 71 steak is unquestionably flavorful, it doesn't particularly distinguish itself as unique. The portions may seem small, but the taste is rich.

The steak choices are fairly conventional, yet the prime rib and Yorkshire pudding pairing add a pleasant twist. For non-steak enthusiasts, alternatives feature a fish and shrimp dish and a vegetable wellington.

6. The Boathouse (Walt Disney World)

The Boathouse at Disney Springs offers a nautical-themed steakhouse experience that you might fall in love with. Located right off the water, the ambiance mimics the feel of dining on a luxury yacht, and this is complemented by an assortment of unique and delicious drinks.

For steaks, choices such as New York steak and fries, filet mignon, petite filet mignon, New York strip, porterhouse, and ribeye are available. Moreover, you can enhance your steak with a variety of flavorful additions, making each dish uniquely satisfying.

The taste of the steaks is consistently excellent, starting with the unforgettable bread and butter served at the beginning of the meal. Each steak is cooked to perfection, offering a delightfully rich and savory dining experience.

While the steaks at The Boathouse might not be the most exclusive, the selection is ideally curated to offer a classic steakhouse experience. But it's not just about steaks here. The menu boasts a wide variety of non-steak dishes, including the highly recommended lobster roll, providing satisfying options for every diner.

5. Toledo (Walt Disney World)

Toledo is located on the top floor of Coronado Springs and provides a dining experience infused with artistic flair. The restaurant features a massive arched ceiling adorned with stained glass, offering stunning views of Walt Disney World. From the appetizers to the main course and even the sides, each component of your meal is crafted to delight and surprise.

The steak options at Toledo cater to a variety of tastes. You can select from a hanger steak, beef rib, or a bone-in ribeye for two. Each steak is perfectly cooked and plated beautifully, featuring delightful accents and vibrant colors, making for a visual feast before you even take your first bite.

Toledo's menu is replete with unique offerings. When it comes to desserts, for instance, you won't want to miss the almond cheesecake and Toledo's tapas bar, special dishes that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Toledo excels when it comes to variety. In fact, the side dishes are so tasty that they could make a meal by themselves. In fact, the Olive Oil-Potato Purée is one of our favorite potato dishes at any Disney park.

4. Bistrot Chez Remy (Disneyland Paris)

Located in Disneyland Paris, Bistrot Chez Remy brings the charm and culinary genius of the beloved film "Ratatouille" to life. As you step into this unique dining space, you're transported into Remy's dream restaurant, complete with decor that shifts in scale to give the illusion that you've been shrunken down to the size of a rat, much like in the movie.

While not exclusively a steakhouse, Bistrot Chez Remy serves up some of the best steaks you'll find in Disneyland Paris. The menu primarily features a delectable grilled steak, complemented by ratatouille and french fries. This signature dish encapsulates the essence of the restaurant and is our top recommendation for anyone dining here. This steak provides a surprisingly high-quality dining experience within a theme park setting, and while the steak itself might not be unique, the addition of Ratatouille sets this dish apart, offering a unique blend of flavors you won't find elsewhere.

However, it's worth noting that the variety of steak options is limited here. Instead, the menu draws its strength from its unique theming and ability to transport guests into the world of "Ratatouille," making Bistrot Chez Remy a must-visit for any fan of the film or anyone looking for a unique and delightful dining experience in Disneyland Paris.

3. Palo Steakhouse (Disney Wish)

Aboard the Disney Wish cruise ship, Palo Steakhouse serves both brunch and dinner, with the evening meal being more steakhouse-focused. The restaurant's theme revolves around Cogsworth, the character from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." One of its most captivating features is a stunning wall of windows lining one side of the ship, offering breathtaking views. As it's an upscale establishment, a dress code is enforced — t-shirts, ripped jeans, and sports gear should be left in your cabin.

When it comes to steak options, Palo does not disappoint. The menu features an excellent selection of cuts, including cowboy ribeye, beef tenderloin, Angus beef tenderloin, Angus beef New York, Angus beef porterhouse, and even some Wagyu options. Beautiful plating and a tender, succulent texture make the steak at Palo an absolute delight for your taste buds. Despite being on a cruise ship, the variety is substantial at Palo, with a broad choice of steak and other menu items. This includes several Italian options reminiscent of the other Palo locations.

2. Shula's Steak House (Walt Disney World)

Located at the Dolphin side of the Swan and Dolphin resort, Shula's Steak House is named after Don Shula, a legendary NFL football coach. The ambiance is classy and upscale, thanks to its beautiful lobby adorned with hanging chandeliers and an enforced dress code. You can relish a delightful bread service and enjoy the dining experience without reservation in their lounge.

The steak options at Shula's are varied and include everything from fillets to a 10 or 12-oz New York strip, cowboy ribeye, vikings porterhouse, and prime tomahawk. Alongside these choices are a range of delicious sauces to further elevate your meal. Complementing the steaks are standard Steakhouse sides, such as Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, and an extravagant macaroni and cheese.

Shula's steaks, with their beautiful grill marks and crusts, are tender, well-seasoned, and absolutely delicious. There are no complaints here, as the steak consistently delivers a solid performance. While the steak offerings might seem basic, they are substantial and prepared with attention to quality and taste.

1. Yachtsman Steakhouse (Walt Disney World)

Within the beautiful Yacht Club resort near Epcot and connected to all the boardwalk resorts, the Yachtsman Steakhouse makes you feel like you've stepped aboard a luxurious yacht. The visible dry-aging area where cast members meticulously prepare the steaks only adds to this feeling of luxury and prestige. Plus, the dining room's rich wooden interiors echo a sophisticated ambiance.

The Yachtsman presents a wide range of steaks, complemented by delightful drinks like the Mai Tai. Choices range from porterhouse, surf and turf, to butcher cuts like filet mignon, prime rib, New York strip, and ribeye. Various sauces further enhance the steak flavors, and sides such as mashed potatoes and mac and cheese are excellent.

Your gastronomic journey at Yachtsman starts with delightful bread service, leading to tender, flavorful steaks. Attentive chefs ensure satisfaction with every bite. All steaks, specially aged for at least seven days — with the Porterhouse aged for 21 days — exhibit enhanced taste and tenderness, making Yachtsman Steakhouse the favorite among Disney World's restaurants.