The Only Kind Of Pre-Cut Cheese That's Acceptable To Cook With

When it comes to making favorite dishes even more delicious, people often reach for cheese. It's rich, creamy, and can complement a multitude of different foods, from scrambled eggs to tasty tacos. You might have heard, however, that it's best to grate cheese yourself instead of purchasing pre-shredded bags. To clear up the confusion, you should know there is one pre-cut cheese you can always turn to if you're short on time.

Cheesy recipes usually call for freshly grated cheese, and rightly so. Pre-grated cheeses often contain additives like potato starch and cellulose powder to prevent clumping, but these anti-caking agents can affect how the cheese melts. However, there's a quick and easy workaround for those needing the convenience of pre-cut cheese without compromising quality. A better option? Pre-sliced cheese.

From making grilled cheese sandwiches to layering provolone into homemade pizza, sliced cheese is the unsung hero of quick and easy meals. It's usually separated by paper to keep from sticking together, instead of unwanted additives. Its consistent thickness ensures even melting, perfect for recipes like quiches. It can also be chopped into small pieces for a speedy addition to salads or pasta.

For even better options, visit the deli counter

While pre-packaged sliced cheese is readily available, a top tip for better quality is to purchase it pre-sliced from the deli counter. Not only does this give you access to a wider range of quality cheeses, but you can also control the thickness of the slices. This customization can significantly improve the outcome of your recipes. Need wafer-thin slices of gruyère for a decadent croque monsieur? Or chunky slices of cheddar for a comforting homemade cheeseburger? The deli counter has you covered. (However, steer clear of aged cheeses, which are difficult to get sliced at a deli due to their tendency to crumble.)

Remember, though, while sliced cheese is an excellent shortcut for many dishes, there will be recipes where grating from a block is non-negotiable. For example, when making a cheese sauce or macaroni and cheese, freshly grated cheese will melt more smoothly and blend more seamlessly.

Cooking is about balancing quality, convenience, and taste — and with sliced cheese, you're usually ticking all these boxes. So the next time you're in a hurry or simply don't want to pull out the grater, reach for some high-quality, pre-sliced cheese.