The Unexpected Bar Tool That Will Help You Open The Toughest Jars

Sometimes our biggest enemies are hiding in our own kitchens. Of course, we're talking about jars: pickle jars, salsa jars, jam jars, or jars of pasta sauce. Really, any jar that refuses to open no matter how hard you try. 

While a stubborn jar lid is a cheap way to get in an arm workout, they are also super inconvenient, especially when you're hungry and just want a bite to eat. Thankfully, you probably already own the common bartending tool that makes opening even the toughest jars a breeze.

The next time you struggle to take the lid off a jar, reach for a bottle opener. To properly accomplish this hack, you'll need the type of bottle opener that hooks under the bottle cap, not the kind with a hole in the middle. Wedge the opener under the jar lid like you would with a glass bottle, and give it a gentle tug. You should hear a small pop as the air inside the jar is released. Afterward, you'll be able to twist open the lid with ease. Avoid using your bottle opener to pry the jar lid off, as this may bend it and render it unusable.

Why a bottle opener makes opening jars easier

The point of the bottle opener is to create a tiny gap that will equalize the air pressure inside the jar, which is typically what causes jar lids to become stuck in the first place. When a jar is sealed, the air pressure inside becomes lower than the air pressure outside. This creates a suction effect as the external air presses into the jar, sealing it closed. Using a bottle opener breaks this seal, thus allowing you to open it more easily. If you try the bottle opener trick and the lid is still stuck, food may have congealed on the rim or jar lid and fused it closed. In this case, running the jar under warm water and scrubbing to release some of the stuck-on food can be an effective way to loosen the lid.  

If you don't have a bottle opener on hand, other specialty tools can help you open a jar. No one wants to fight for their food, so take the proper equipment into your next battle with an unyielding jar lid and prepare for victory.