The Simple Method Pro Chefs Use To Devein Shrimp Quicker

Shrimp, with its tender texture and sweet, delicate flavor, is a welcome addition to any dinner table. Yet, the thought of preparing raw shrimp — and the time it often takes — can discourage home cooks from using this protein as often. More specifically, deveining is a pesky task that can slow down prep. What if we told you there is a faster way to do this job? 

One swift method the pro chefs use features a kitchen tool you probably already have: kitchen shears. Deveining shrimp refers to removing the dark, sandy intestinal tract, commonly referred to as the 'vein,' that runs along the shrimp's back. While the vein is not harmful to consume, it can impart a gritty texture and off-putting taste. 

Here's how to try this faster deveining method. Start by holding the shrimp under a stream of cold running water. As water flows over the shrimp, make a shallow cut along the back using your kitchen shears. Once you cut the shrimp open, you'll expose the vein. From there, the water pressure will help to lift and rinse the entire intestinal tract away, eliminating the need for the usual pick-and-pull method.

The benefits of using kitchen shears to devein shrimp

Why does this method work so well? Because the shears can easily open the shrimp and the water does the rest of the work by washing the intestinal tract away, you save time and effort versus using your fingers or your knife's blade to try to isolate and carefully pull the vein out. This technique is particularly handy when dealing with a large quantity of shrimp. 

The water also helps with the crucial step of washing shrimp after they have been deveined for several reasons. First, this ensures any residual vein or dirt has been removed, which can be more tedious with other methods. Secondly, it helps rinse away any loose shell fragments and gives you the cleanest possible product to work with. 

Now that you've conquered the task of deveining shrimp, you're ready to whip up a shrimp feast. Whether it's a comforting shrimp pasta, flavorful grilled shrimp, or a classic shrimp cocktail, deveined shrimp offer a clean, sweet flavor and tender bite that will take your dishes to new heights. Remember this trick next time you're faced with a pound of raw shrimp to clean. Your kitchen shears are not just for snipping herbs or opening packages; they are your new best friend for powering through shrimp prep.