The Trick To Freezing Big-Batch Smoothies For Quick Drinks

For those of us who have to take our breakfast on the go, smoothies provide a delicious choice that can be packed with nutrients to start our day off right. And while it doesn't take too long to throw all the necessary fruit, spices, and leafy greens into a blender, there is a way to expedite the smoothie-making process even further. Mixing up a giant batch of smoothies to drink throughout the week is a great way to meal prep and get out the door faster on busy mornings. All you need is a way to store your smoothies in the freezer.

Depending on how much space you have to work with, there are a couple of options for smoothie freezing vessels. If you have the room for it, small mason jars with lids are a good choice since you can stack them. This choice also allows you to enjoy your smoothie straight from the jar after letting it thaw for around 10 minutes. Otherwise, you can portion your smoothies into multiple reusable plastic zip-top bags. This way, you can make the most out of the space in your freezer. When it's time to drink your smoothie, just grab a bag, slide the frozen beverage into a cup, and let it defrost before you take a sip.

Freeze your smoothie in individual portions

Freezing your meal-prepped smoothies will help stop them from becoming too thin, which can happen if you use a lot of frozen fruit. If you don't like the idea of portioning out your smoothie once it's already blended up, there are some other methods that will reduce the time you spend actually making your smoothie in the morning.

You can put some of the required ingredients you need for each smoothie serving into an individual bag or mason jar and keep them in the freezer. For example, to make this mango banana smoothie, each bag will contain pre-cut bananas and mangos. When it's time to make your smoothie, just dump the bag into the blender and add the wet ingredients. It's also possible to simply store a blended smoothie in your refrigerator for a few days, but keep in mind that it may become more watery and will need a good couple of shakes before you drink it.

Smoothies plus meal prep create the ultimate quick and easy breakfast, and they may even help you save money that you would have spent at a coffee shop. Just make sure you avoid this smoothie mistake, and you'll have a nutritious, tasty meal ready for you every morning — or really, any time of the day.