The Butter Swap For A More Fruity Pie Crust

What if we told you that the secret to a tantalizingly different pie crust is sitting quietly in your refrigerator door right now? It's time to tuck away the sticks of butter that you are likely used to reaching for when making pie crust and swapping it for a surprising substitute: fruit spread. The naturally sweet swap can actually elevate your fruity dessert in ways you might not have expected.

Often overlooked as merely a toast topper, fruit spreads have the potential to turn the humble pie crust into a canvas for flavor innovation. Replacing the butter in your pie dough with fruit spread not only adds moisture but also infuses the crust with the fruit spread's nuanced flavors. The result? A fruit pie crust that's delicately crisp yet tender, subtly sweet, and surprisingly flavorful.

The key to replacing the pie crust's butter with fruit spread is to add just enough to the dry ingredients that it allows the mixture to form a crumbly dough. Depending on the recipe, this should be around 1 tablespoon. Remember that it is always easier to add more fruit spread to the dry ingredients than to take away.

Get creative with flavor pairings

Now, let's talk flavor. The beauty of using fruit spreads lies in the endless possibilities to mix and match flavors. For example, strawberry spread with rhubarb pie is a classic combination that will amplify the harmony of this fruit-forward pie. Other classic pairings include apricot with peach, raspberry with lemon, and apple with cranberries. Of course, you can always experiment with other flavor combinations to find one that you love. Simply try to choose a fruit spread that complements your pie filling or introduces an exciting contrast.

One key tip to keep in mind is what type of fruit spread you are using. Avoid reaching for a jar of preserves or conserves that may include multiple types of fruit or even large pieces of fruit. Instead, opt for jam or jelly that has little to no pieces of real fruit in order to evenly combine the dough. Large pieces of fruit could cause the dough to split or crack after baking.

So there you have it, an innovative approach to pie-making that is bound to impress. Replacing butter with fruit spread in pie crusts opens a world of flavor profiles to explore. The next time you roll out your pie dough, remember to add a touch of creativity, a dash of bravery, and, of course, a spoonful of your favorite fruit spread.