The TikTok Paper Towel Hack To Clean Your Stained Tupperware

Though unquestionably useful, there are two annoying things when it comes to Tupperware. The first is trying to locate lost lids, and the second deals with the unsightly orange tinge the plastic develops when it absorbs leftover tomato sauce. Despite repeated washings by hand and running it through various cycles in the dishwasher, stubborn stains often remain. Though these stains don't affect how you use them, they don't look pretty, and who doesn't want an Instagrammable fridge?

If you've relegated a number of stained Tupperware boxes to the back of the kitchen cupboard and use them solely for deep red sauces, it's time to bust those bad boys out. We've discovered the easiest hack on TikTok to removing the unpleasant discoloration on Tupperware that takes a mere minute to work its magic.

Luckily, you won't need any fancy detergents, sponges, or cloths to remove the stubborn orangey stains that have bled into the plastic from last week's Bolognese, marinara, and curry sauce leftovers (by the way, it's the lycopene pigment in the tomatoes that clings to the plastic and taints it). All that's required are three unassuming kitchen champions; some warm water straight from the faucet, a piece of paper towel, and a generous squirt of dish soap. Oh, and a little shimmying on your part. Toss them all together, give them a shake, and watch this genius hack rejuvenate your tired Tupperware to its youthful self.

Shake soapy water and paper towel together to clean stained Tupperware

Here's a little more detail on the process: fill your container halfway with warm water and squeeze in some dish soap. Then rip a sheet of paper towel up into a few pieces and place it in the container. Tightly place the lid back on and give the whole thing a really good shake for up to a minute. You should see plenty of suds inside the container as you agitate the contents. Finally, pour out the soapy water, discard the wet paper towel, and thoroughly rinse the container. And just like that, your blackballed Tupperware will look as good as new! And now that they're stain-free, it's time to welcome all those banished boxes back into the fold and fill them with more leftovers, lunches, and snacks.


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So, why does this Tiktok hack work better than using the dishwasher or washing in the sink? It seems the combination of the paper towel and the movement of shaking the box by hand is key. As the dish soap loosens and removes the stain, the paper towel absorbs the grease, returning the plastic to its original color. With a trick this easy, there's no need to worry about stained Tupperware anymore. Go forth and pack up tonight's Bolognese for a speedy lunch tomorrow.