The London Restaurant Anthony Bourdain Called The Total Package

The late Anthony Bourdain was one of the most well-known celebrity chefs and travel documentarians out there. For example, he hosted his travel and food show, "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations," for eight seasons, gaining credibility in the world of food from his devoted viewers. So, for those of Bourdain's fans who live in London and want to know which restaurant he would recommend, there's one he says is the total package: St. John.

In an August 2014 interview with The Guardian, Bourdain discussed his love for the English restaurant, which was opened by Trevor Gulliver, Fergus Henderson, and Jon Spiteri. Bourdain explained that he visited the restaurant after it was recommended to him by a friend — and immediately fell in love. Bourdain said, "After my meal I remember tottering unsteadily into the kitchen, getting on to my knees and bowing down in front of Fergus. It really was the restaurant of my dreams. I loved absolutely everything about it: the attitude, the look, the food, the wine." Bourdain declared he would visit St. John every time he was in the city and praised chef Henderson, who became a good friend of his.

What Anthony Bourdain loved about Fergus Henderson's food

Bourdain went on to explain to The Guardian why he had so much adoration for Henderson. One dish of Henderson's that Bourdain brought attention to is his roasted bone marrow. Bourdain said of the dish, "[It's] simple, austere yet luxurious. It's basically a three- or four-ingredient dish, totally without pretense. He identified a great underused ingredient and a perfect way to serve it." He then noted that the roasted bone marrow became Henderson's signature dish, which he admitted happens to just about every chef and is a mixed blessing. He added, "That dish is so popular, so influential and so closely associated with him."

Beyond Henderson's food, Bourdain also had immense admiration for him as a person: Bourdain called Henderson loyal and free of vanity. Bourdain also praised Henderson's ability to seemingly never stop going, as well as Henderson's dedication to food. Bourdain continued, "He is a walking Buddha to chefs all over the world, a total rock star. He opened the doors for people to start questioning the conventional wisdom of the restaurant business, built up over hundreds of years. He absolutely changed the world, and now everyone wants to cook like Fergus." With that in mind, it sure does make one want to try dining at St. John — and to meet Henderson.