What The Filling In Whoopie Pie Actually Is

Whoopie pies are a Northeastern classic that have made a name for themselves nationwide. While there may be some debate over the origins of whoopie pies, there's no question that these portable desserts are absolutely delicious. The only downside to this treat is that if you've never had one before, the name doesn't exactly tell you what to expect. Rest assured that there is only decadent goodness — whoopie pies are made with two moist, chocolatey cakes sandwiched around a fluffy marshmallow filling.

Since their disputed invention in the early 20th century, whoopie pies have been filled with marshmallow creme. This sweet paste gives the pies a creamy texture, as well as makes them stand out from a standard chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Notably, marshmallow creme is different from marshmallow fluff, which is whipped to create an airier consistency. You could use marshmallow fluff for whoopie pies if you're after a slightly lighter bite, but if you want to go the classic route, creme is the right choice.

Whoopie pies traditionally contain marshmallow creme filling

One of the best things about whoopie pies is that they're incredibly customizable. For example, even though marshmallow creme is the traditional filling, you could also use buttercream. If you're really feeling creative, you could even change the flavor of both the filling and the cake to create a totally unique whoopie pie. From a reverse whoopie pie with a vanilla cake exterior and a chocolate middle, to a red velvet whoopie pie with red velvet outsides and cream cheese filling, the possibilities are endless. Of course, it will probably help to make the original variation first, so check out our old-fashioned whoopie pie recipe to get some practice in.

It's said that these snack cakes get their name from children shouting "whoopie!" when they see them, and once you try a whoopie pie for yourself, it'll be easy to see why. Whether you enjoy them homemade or from your local bakery, with remixed flavors or the original marshmallow creme, whoopie pies are one dessert you can't miss.