Claussen Pickles And Spritz Society Release The First-Ever Pickle Sparkling Wine Cocktail

Pickles: They're not just for sandwiches anymore. On July 18, 2023, Kraft Heinz and Spritz Society announced the next evolution of boozy pickles with Spritz Society Pickle by Claussen. The new drink is described in a joint press release by the snack giant and the canned cocktail startup as "a first-of-its-kind pickle flavored cocktail" utilizing Claussen's iconic pickle seasonings and Spritz Society's signature sparkling white wine. 

Pickle juice has been used as an ingredient in cocktails because of its purported ability to combat some of the burn and neutralize the strong taste of alcohol, such as a pickleback shot, so it makes sense for this combination. This crisp and refreshing creation is Claussen's first venture into the beverage space in the brand's 150-year history, and Brand Manager Lizzy Goodman notes that the company is "thrilled" to take part considering the hype behind pickles as being "such a craveable food."

What once was a prank is now a reality

According to a statement sent to Tasting Table, the idea behind the pickle-wine cocktail actually started as a joke after Spritz Society announced a new pickle-flavored drink on April Fool's in 2022. Spritz Society Founder and CEO Ben Soffer noted the team was surprised by the positive feedback and decided to move forward with the project after unexpected demand. "We are thrilled to be teaming up with Claussen to bring Pickle to life. Knowing that Claussen also prioritizes high-quality and premium ingredients made them the perfect partner for this collaboration."

Each can sits at a 6% ABV and contains 120 calories and 5 grams of sugar with no artificial sweeteners and is gluten-free. They will be available exclusively online while supplies last on the Spritz Society website starting today and can be bought as two packs of four cans for $50, alongside the brand's other five award-winning varieties which are all made with natural fruit flavors.