The Trick To Vacuum Seal Leftover Lobster Without A Fancy Machine

While lobster can certainly make for a nice meal, it's also one of the pricier protein options. Once you've bought and cooked a lobster, you'll want to make sure none of that expensive meat goes to waste, so it's a good idea to freeze any leftovers to use later on. It's generally recommended to use a vacuum sealed bag to keep the lobster as fresh as possible. But, if your kitchen doesn't have the necessary equipment, there's another method that will work just as well.

All you need for a makeshift vacuum sealing system is a pot of water and a freezer bag that can be zipped closed. When you're done with your meal, toss the leftover lobster into the bag, but don't close it all the way — keep about an inch or so open. Next, fill a pot with water, and gently place the lobster-filled bag in. As you do so, the water should press all the air out. Once the bag has been lowered all the way into the water and all the air is out, seal the bag the rest of the way and put it in the freezer.

A pot of water and a freezer bag make a great vacuum sealer

The important thing to remember for this hack is to use cool or room-temperature water, not hot. Hot water may run the risk of cooking the lobster past the point of doneness and could even burn or melt the plastic bag, which may transfer unsafe chemicals onto your food. But if done correctly, your vacuum sealed (or rather, water sealed) lobster can last for six months in the freezer.

There are plenty of ways to utilize your leftover lobster. You can cut it up and toss it into a risotto, make lobster-fried rice, throw together a buttery lobster roll, or cook a creamy lobster bisque. Saving lobster like this is a great way to reduce waste and ensure you really get your money's worth out of this lavish crustacean.

This storage trick works for a wide range of food items and is the perfect option if you don't have the space or the budget for a pricey vacuum sealer machine. Just grab a pot and a freezer bag so you can snack on lobster tails months after you buy them.